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Written by: Valeria Molfino at 8 February '16 0
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How often have we said: “I would really like to train today!” only to end up skipping the session when the time comes around? The truth is that very, very often motivation is not enough, if we do not have the time. But why are not 24 hours enough? After all, if we cannot find one hour a day for training then it probably means we have already allocated that free time fort other activities or we are not making the most of the time at our disposal. How often, with our bag ready to go to the pool, have we sat down on the sofa to read the news on our smartphone and ended up skipping training together? And how many other times have we driven into the pool car park and then been tempted to go to a restaurant for a meal with our friends? Do not worry. There is plenty of time in a day, if we just make a few tiny adjustments!

Set the alarm earlier

It takes great willpower to set the alarm earlier, but morning training will help you gain invaluable time after work. Getting up for a training session in the pool might seem extremely hard work at the beginning: you would probably rather skip training and the idea of swimming in the morning might seem like torture, but, if you complete your training schedule, the rest of the day will begin differently and you will feel really motivated.

Swim with your friends

Sometimes sticking to plans we have made with ourselves is not enough, we are really good at lying to ourselves and letting ourselves down, but are we really willing to miss a training session we have arranged with our teammates? Knowing that your friends are waiting for you at the pool will give you just the right encouragement to train rather than be a couch potato!

Think positive!

If the idea of leaving home to go to the pool gives you goose bumps, then remember that it only takes 60 minutes out of a 24-hour day to give yourself a healthy dose of endorphins and keep you in great shape!


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