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Written by: Valeria Molfino at 17 October '17 0
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You chose it from so many others due to its distinctive pattern and other features that none of the others had, but now look at it, dull and lifeless and with no hope of accompanying you on your daily swims. I am not talking about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend but an item of clothing that no swimmer can do without: a swimsuit.

History repeats itself and you buy another swimsuit for its dazzling colours and fluorescent texture but, inevitably, after just a few months and due to a lack of care on your part, you find yourself with another dreary and unappealing item of swimwear.

Luckily, by following these three simple but extremely useful tips, you will be able to stop your swimsuit from wearing out, making it last longer and ensuring the fabric and fibres remain intact.


#1 Rinse your swimsuit as soon as you finish training

Chlorine can bleach our hair, leave us with dry skin and cause the colours of our swimsuit to fade. To prevent this from happening it is extremely important to reduce to a minimum the amount of time your swimsuit is in water containing chlorine. So the first thing to do after you leave the pool is to rinse out your swimsuit using lots of fresh water.

#2 Use a neutral soap

The washing machine is your swimsuit’s enemy, because the specific kind of soaps used for this kind of washing are too aggressive and also because spin drying is likely to ruin the fibres. Opt for a neutral soap to be used in small amounts to complete the process of removing the chlorine.

#3 Do not roll up your swimsuit

After washing your swimsuit it needs to be dried; never leave a wet swimsuit it in your swimming bag! But forget about the dryer, your swimsuit needs to dry naturally, preferably in a horizontal or vertical position without being rolled or crumpled up and without being left in direct sunlight.

These few simple tips and rules will not make your swimsuit last forever, but it will stop its colours from fading so quickly and, above all, it will keep its elasticity for longer .



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Valeria Molfino

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