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Outdoor swimming pools: summer training tips

This period of confinement caused by the pandemic has taught us to appreciate so many things in our lives. Now more than ever, we know that we really can’t do …

Written by: arena coaches 11 May '21 0
Training & Technique

Making the most out of your time away from the pool

Distance sucks. And no, we’re not talking about training for the mile (although this does also suck…). We’re referring to the forced hiatus from swimming pools that many water lovers …

Written by: Bradley Crocker 2 April '21 0
Men and women, explanations for the difference in performance levels
Training & Technique

Are there different training methods for men and women?

Men and women, explanations for the difference in performance levels It is never easy to talk about the difference in performance levels between men and women. We might, for example, …

Written by: arena coaches 3 March '21 0
Training & Technique

Strength training: why and how to improve your swimming OUT of the water!

Find out why strength training is important for both amateur and professional swimmers. Would you like to swim faster but you already spend lots of time in the water?  Well, …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 19 February '21 0
Training & Technique

How to improve your freestyle arm stroke!

Improve your freestyle arm stroke to develop a more efficient stroke! Catch, pull, push and recovery, these are the four key phases in a freestyle arm stroke. A proper freestyle …

Written by: arena coaches 17 February '21 0
3 secrets to achieving your goals ARENA BLOG
Training & Technique

The 3 secrets to achieving exceptional goals!

Discover the three secrets to achieving exceptional goals. Why do you swim or do triathlon? What makes you push yourself so hard every day for so many hours each week? …

Written by: arena coaches 3 February '21 0
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1 drill every day to improve your freestyle!

5 drills for 5 training sessions to improve your freestyle swim stroke! A different workout every day of the week focusing on various factors to perfect your freestyle swim stroke. …

Written by: arena coaches 12 August '20 0
Training & Technique

Open-water swimming: advice from Bernd Berkhahn, coach of the world champion Florian Wellbrock

Photo credit: ©JoKleindl Due to the temporary closure of swimming pools due to Covid19, open-water swimming has suddenly become extremely important. At the moment, lots of people who usually swim …

Written by: Arena 4 August '20 0
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Do you wanto to improve your backstroke? Follow this plan!

Improve your backstroke! – Training plan for beginners and amateurs The backstroke is the strangest stroke for an amateur swimmer, because you “go backwards” and you cannot see where you …

Written by: arena coaches 3 July '20 0
Training & Technique

Open water swimming: tips from Fabrizio Antonelli, Gregorio Paltrinieri’s coach

Considering what is happening at the moment, lots of swimmers are considering training more (or starting to train) in open water. Here are some tips from Fabrizio Antonelli, Gregorio Paltrinieri’s …

Written by: Arena 4 June '20 0