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How to get back into your workout routine after the holidays – Dryland training

Get back into your workout routine with dryland training! After the holidays (which you’ve most likely spent being lazy and eating :)) getting back into your workout routine can be …

Written by: arena coaches 18 September '23 0
Training & Technique

3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

In this article, we will be giving you three invaluable tips about the best way to resume training. According to a famous Italian song from the 1980s “The summer is …

Written by: arena coaches 4 September '23 0
Training & Technique

Top 10 Breaststroke Drills to Improve Your Swim

Did you know that a primitive form of breaststroke is believed to be the very first movement performed by a human being to move forward through the water? So, the …

Written by: arena coaches 3 April '23 0
Backstroke drills: swimmer doing the backstroke
Training & Technique

10 Backstroke Drills for Your Next Practice

Backstroke is a unique swimming style that many people avoid due to the body position backstrokers must maintain. The stroke may seem very different from the popular front crawl stroke …

Written by: arena coaches 18 November '22 0
Training & Technique

Outdoor swimming pools: summer training tips

Three, two, one….summer is already here! Great! Sunshine, warm weather and… where should I go to swim?!  For those lucky swimmers who live along the coast, it a no-brainer: open-water …

Written by: arena coaches 15 July '22 0
Butterfly stroke for beginners: swimmer with his head in the water
Training & Technique

Butterfly Stroke for Beginners: Tips and Drills

There’s nothing quite like watching a swimmer use the butterfly swimming style to propel themselves across the surface of the water gracefully. The butterfly stroke technique requires power and coordination. …

Written by: arena coaches 23 May '22 0
30 minute swimming workout: swimmer in a diving position
Training & Technique

30-Minute Swimming Workouts for Endurance, Technique, and Speed

Whether you swim for the health benefits or as a career — or if you’re a beginner on an exciting new venture — the truth is that sometimes life just …

Written by: arena coaches 22 May '22 0
How to choose swimming goggles: various goggles hung together
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How to Choose Swimming Goggles for Your Style of Swimming

If a swimsuit is like a second skin for swimmers, goggles are like a second pair of eyes. The best swimming goggles will fit perfectly and provide lasting comfort and …

Written by: Arena 10 May '22 0
Swimming warmup exercises: swimmer using roller on his back
Training & Technique

Prepare to Race With These Swimming Warmup Exercises

Getting your muscles ready to work efficiently is extremely important before a swim workout but even more so before a race. Utilizing proper swimming warmup exercises will improve your race …

Written by: arena coaches 26 April '22 0
Swimmer doing the breaststroke kick
Training & Technique

Breaststroke Kick: Improve With the Right Technique and Tools

The breaststroke is believed to be the oldest stroke and the first to be swum competitively. Captain Matthew Webb was the first man to swim across the English Channel — …

Written by: arena coaches 21 April '22 0