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13 Breaststroke Tips&Tricks

Even though it might seem to an onlooker as if somebody is swimming really well, that does not always translate into a good swim time for that particular stroke. The …

Written by: arena coaches 27 September '19 0
Training & Technique

Outdoor swimming pools: summer training tips

Three, two, one….summer is already here! Great! Sunshine, warm weather and… where should I go to swim?! For those lucky swimmers who live along the coast, it a no-brainer: open-water …

Written by: arena coaches 10 August '19 0
Training & Technique

Optimise your swimming. A half-hour session in the water!

If you are organised and motivated and have somewhere to train, then here are three half-hour sessions that might be ideal for you. You can do a good training session …

Written by: arena coaches 12 June '19 0
Training & Technique

The 3 leg workouts you won’t hate!

The word “legs” often gives nightmares to both competitive swimmers and Masters athletes. In this article we will be testing out three drills that might make it less frustrating to …

Written by: arena coaches 22 May '19 0
Training & Technique

13 “dry-land” exercises for swimmers

We have already mentioned the importance of dryland workouts for preventing injuries, warming up for a training session and then cooling down afterwards. Today we will be looking at some …

Written by: arena coaches 24 April '19 0
Training & Technique

3 drills to improve your swim pace

Swimming at the right pace is vital for any swimmer. It does not just allow you to save energy but also to be more efficient throughout the entire forward propulsion …

Written by: arena coaches 16 April '19 0
Training & Technique

How to kickstart your training with medley sets

Swimming training can be monotonous and unstimulating, particularly at certain times of year. To make your training drills more dynamic focus on medley sets, a combination of aerobic work and …

Written by: arena coaches 28 March '19 0
Training & Technique

3 tips on how to plan an effective workout even if you don’t have much time

For amateur and master-swimmers: How to make your workout more effective. Useful tips on how to optimise a workout program. Despite the training season already started a few weeks ago, …

Written by: arena coaches 1 March '19 0
Training & Technique

Are you training in the right way? Physical evaluation test in and out of the pool

Based on a few tests that can be done in and out of the pool, you’ll be able to evaluate how to optimize your workout program in order to obtain …

Written by: arena coaches 31 January '19 0
Training & Technique

3 tips for improving your underwater phase

If you are wondering what the best way is to be faster in the water, the answer is to improve your underwater phase! The underwater leg kick is considered to …

Written by: arena coaches 16 January '19 0