arena launches Powerskin Carbon-Ultra: The Power Is on the Inside

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You are reading: arena launches Powerskin Carbon-Ultra: The Power Is on the Inside

arena is proud to introduce a truly innovative new product that we’ve been developing and refining for more than a year: the Powerskin Carbon-Ultra. This latest addition to the Powerskin Carbon racing swimsuit series takes a new approach to optimising your physiology, with an internal structure inside the suit that incorporates a new level of support and movement management.

The inner construction, which we call the Ultra-Link System, has two unique key features: the Infinity-Loop with X-Pivot and Ultra-Compression Panels.

The Infinity-Loop is a continuous tape that connects key muscle groups from your ribs to your hips, helping you maintain an optimal body position in the water (with hips high and reduced tilt) and thus increasing the efficiency of your stroke. The X-Pivot, a brace created by strategically placed tapes, keeps your lower body and core muscles firm and supported while still allowing your upper body to rotate freely. Isolating your upper- and lower-body movements helps further improve your position in the water and increase your efficiency.

The Ultra-Compression Panels are designed to work together with the suit’s exterior fabric to provide additional compression in targeted areas. The multilayer panels support your key muscles and align them with the direction of movement. The panels also streamline your shape, reducing turbulence and drag.

The external fabric of the Carbon-Ultra offers performance benefits as well. The Carbon-Ultra uses new Ultra-Cage outer shell fabric (50% polyamide / 47% elastane / 3% carbon) to deliver extra muscle support and targeted compression. The Ultra-Cage fabric contains three times more carbon than previous carbon cage fabrics and is woven more tightly. This means it can conform to your shape more closely, distributing pressure to streamline your body. This HD (high-density) intelligent compression is made possible by what is known as anisotropic stretch: the fabric can stretch differently in the horizontal and vertical directions, allowing it to provide compression without restricting your reach and freedom of movement.

Many of the world’s top swimmers are already using the Powerskin Carbon-Ultra, and we expect our newest creation to help them bring home some hardware in the future!

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As of March 14, you can enjoy the same benefits as our elite athletes. The FINA-approved Carbon-Ultra is available as a men’s jammer and as a women’s suit with either a closed or open back. Check out our shop for the specifics. We think you’ll like what you see!


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