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Fitness & Wellness

10 things you need to know before going to the pool for the first time

Going to the pool is, obviously, one of our favourite things here at arena! Experienced swimmers and professionals, not to mention keen amateurs and anybody else confident in the water, all know which accessories they need to take with them in their swim bag and how to prepare for training sessions in …

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Triathlon & Open Water

Open water swimming: Tips for a safe swim in the lake

If you’re thinking about going for a refreshing swim in your favourite lake this summer, keep these common-sense tips in mind to make sure you stay safe. Throughout the summer, …

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Just for Women

Quick guide to choosing women’s swimwear for the beach

It goes without saying: when choosing women’s swimwear for the beach, looks definitely count. Deciding whether to opt for a bikini or one-piece for your days on the beach is …

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A Swimmer's life

Top 10 Tips for protecting water by arena ambassador Prof. Fath

Water is the essential element that connects us all – both as human beings and lovers of aquatic sports, and we want to take active part in protecting it as …

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Fitness & Wellness

Men’s Beachwear Options for Every Body Type

Let’s face it, we all like to look good at the beach. Functionality is important when it comes to choosing your swim shorts, but if they don’t make you feel …

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Insider Advice

arena’s tips for choosing the right lenses for your goggles

How to choose lenses for arena goggles The lenses for arena goggles are not all the same. Choose the ideal style and colour for your specific needs! When choosing swimming …

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Insider Advice

How to choose a sports bra

arena sports bras: how do you choose the right one? When choosing a sports bra, it is extremely important to bear in mind what kind of exercise you will be …

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Insider Advice

arena’s range of swim bags and backpacks for the pool

arena swim bags The most important feature of a swim bag is how much it holds. So, what are the alternatives? And what uses can be made of bags and …

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Fitness & Wellness

Fitness at the Beach, part 1 – Getting Exercise on a Beach Holiday

If you’re on a beach holiday with family or friends who just want to relax, you can still get some exercise. Here are a few activities you can do on …

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How to choose swimming goggles: various goggles hung together
Training & Technique

How to Choose Swimming Goggles for Your Style of Swimming

If a swimsuit is like a second skin for swimmers, goggles are like a second pair of eyes. The best swimming goggles will fit perfectly and provide lasting comfort and …

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