Feel the Power! Discover our new Powerskin Carbon Core FX

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Also being launched as part of the 2020 range, the Carbon Core FX features the latest improvements to the highly successful Carbon Flex VX, and is the most compressive suit of the four.


Providing a powerful locked-in feel along with exceptional core support, it uses the same Carbon Cage technology as its predecessor, delivering a high level of durable compression across all areas of the body.

Gregorio Paltrinieri

For these reasons the Core FX is likely to appeal to sprinters for its high level of compression and range of motion.

The Core FX features a new Twin Taping structure on the back of the legs of both women’s suits and men’s jammers, providing a lifting effect on the legs that helps the swimmer to hold a high body position even when fatigued, giving maximum hip height in the water.

In addition, the internal carbon fibre-infused lining on the women’s suit has been extended up the side of the suit with an incision just below the chest, providing multiple benefits:

maximum compression and locked-in feel through the legs and torso;

an additional, evenly-distributed pressure profile across the body;

further improvement of core stability for an enhanced body position in the water with lower form drag;

and improved upper body mobility, without compromising overall compression and support.


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