The arena One mask comes to the Milan Polyclinic Hospital

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Written by: Arena at 23 April '20 0
You are reading: The arena One mask comes to the Milan Polyclinic Hospital

The corona virus emergency has led us to using products we never thought could become part of our daily lives (masks, sanitizing gels, etc.), as well as repurposing existing products for new applications.

The arena ONE mask is one such example, leaving the pool behind for several weeks to provide additional protection for those who face the battle against COVID-19 every day.

arena has donated the mask to the anesthesia and intensive care unit of the Policlinico hospital in Milan, where it is now used to help increase the level of virus protection for doctors and nurses.

For over forty years, our mission as a sports brand has been to invite people to participate in sports in order to stay fit and healthy, and  so we are proud to make a contribution to the safety of those who are every day in the line of fire, fighting for our health.

arena further commits to making the mask available free of charge to other hospitals that might need it.

The entire arena team sends a message of encouragement to all doctors and nurses in the wards during this challenging time.

Good luck!


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