How to increase our self-esteem with swimming

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Among the many benefits of swimming, which we have already spoken of on several occasions, we can also increase our self-esteem thanks to the attainment of clearly defined objectives, to accomplish with perseverance and determination. Self-esteem, in fact, understood as the perception we have of our personal value and quality, can also increase through sports that promote personal fulfilment and the pursuit of happiness. Self-esteem also plays a very important role in relationships because, to feel good with others, we must first be able to feel good about ourselves.

Why does swimming increase our self-esteem?

Moving with ease in an extraneous element such as water requires a real skill, and learning it can only make us better even on a psychological level. In addition to swimming, you get used to being alone for many hours, relying on your own strength and ability. But if carrying out sports endeavours to completion represents a nice boost of confidence in ourselves and in our abilities, it would be wrong to base our motivation solely on the results and the extraordinary feats that we have completed. Let’s see why.

Let’s looks at managing and considering the opinions of others

The mistake that many incur is to boast about their sport results with friends and family members, seeking their approval and believing that it will increase their motivation. Realistically, the quest for visibility and appreciation of sport performance has only negative consequences, because when we fail to achieve the goal or find new stimuli, we could have a heavy blow, psychologically. We need to do sports for ourselves, not to please, impress or win over those around us.

And what is the best way to gain confidence?

It will seem obvious but it has to do with how we see ourselves through our own eyes. It’s a personal pleasure that goes beyond the judgment of others. In the case of swimming, although it is often an underestimated aspect, it is important to choose the “right” swimsuit, the swimsuit that values ​​us and makes us smile when we wear it. And if we add the physical and aesthetic benefits of a sport activity in the water our self-esteem can only benefit us!

How to increase our self-esteem with swimming

How to have the physique of a triathlete!

It is normal when doing sports on a frequent basis that we expect to see visible improvements, also physically. Getting rid of that annoying belly, sculpting your buttocks or slimming down your arms can only be good for you, improving your relationship with yourself in the mirror and increasing self-esteem. The problem is that these results are not visible in the short term but in the long term. If you are at the beginning this can be a bit daunting.

But there is a solution for everything; it only depends on our desire to do it. To amplify this purely “aesthetic effect” even more, the solution could be to combine three sports, uniting running and biking to your activity in the pool. A multi-sport strategy that offers many benefits: can reduce the risk of accidents (doing different sports means lengthening the recovery time between sessions), increases motivation, socialisation and makes us more beautiful and harmonious. The aesthetic model of the triathlete is more balanced, with well-developed muscles, broad shoulders, good posture and localised and minimised fat.

Do you find yourself in these suggestions? How has swimming been able to increase your self-esteem? Tell us about your experience!


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