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How to increase our self-esteem with swimming

Among the many benefits of swimming, which we have already spoken of on several occasions, we can also increase our self-esteem thanks to the attainment of clearly defined objectives, to …

Written by: Arena 17 January '22 0
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Stretching for swimmers: a vital ally for your training

Let’s see how your swimming can benefit from stretching! There is plenty of writing, reading and interest in training seen as exercise in preparation for something. There is very little …

Written by: arena coaches 27 August '21 0
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Men’s beachwear: which is the right swimsuit for you?

Let’s find out together what kind of men’s beachwear is available and how to choose the right swimsuit for your body shape. 9 o’clock: sunbathing (seeing as the sun is …

Written by: Arena 2 July '21 0
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10 things you need to know before going to the pool for the first time

Going to the pool is, obviously, one of our favourite things here at arena! Experienced swimmers and professionals, not to mention keen amateurs and anybody else confident in the water, all know which accessories they need to take with them in their swim bag and how to prepare for training sessions in …

Written by: Arena 16 June '21 0
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Returning to the pool after a long period of inactivity: What you need to know

Returning to the pool after lockdown. What you need to know. This period of confinement caused by the pandemic has taught us to appreciate so many things in our lives. Now more …

Written by: Arena 26 May '21 0
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5 types of food for strengthening your immune defences

During periods of light training, here is how to remain healthy by strengthening your immune defences. Let’s discover the properties of certain foods that help keep our immune system strong …

Written by: Martina Pica 21 April '21 0
The importance of hydration for swimmers
Fitness & Wellness

The importance of hydration for swimmers

Hydration for swimmers is perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects. Find out what, how much and when it is important for a swimmer to drink! Bearing in mind that …

Written by: Manuele Trezzi 17 March '21 0
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What to take with you to the SPA, arena’s tips for relaxing

If you are planning on spending a day at the SPA remember to take all the clothes and accessories that will make you feel comfortable. The keywords should be comfort …

Written by: Arena 30 September '20 0
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Returning to the pool after the holidays: the 5 mistakes you should avoid!

September, time to return to the ranks and abandon that state of suspended grace and holiday feel typical of summer. This is also the month of new beginnings and new goals, …

Written by: Arena 9 September '20 0
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Outdoor Training: It’s Good for You!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get outside and move! Adding some open-air training to your routine, whether it’s running, riding your bike or doing yoga in …

Written by: Arena 8 May '20 0