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Not much time for training? Here are some exercises specially for you! [Summer Edit]

You’re at the beach, on holidays. Being the sports lover that you are, after 2 or 3 days of not doing anything but laying around relaxing, you are start to …

Written by: arena coaches 16 August '19 0
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4 exercises you can do anywhere to keep fit even on holiday

At the seaside, in the mountains or the countryside, before or after a swim in the pool, indoors or outdoors, alone or with others, here are 4 exercises to help …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 4 July '19 0
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Why am I not improving?

People who have just started swimming often expect to improve more quickly than is really feasible. This inevitably leads to frustration, particularly when you cannot swim the number of laps …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 3 May '19 0
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Swimming in Cold Water: Wise or Foolish?

Cold water swimming can be dangerous if you’re not acclimatised, but if you train, your body will adapt and you may be able to enjoy health benefits. A New Year’s …

Written by: Arena 30 December '18 0
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Swimming and coeliac disease: 5 types of gluten-free foods that are full of energy!

Sport and coeliac disease: what are the right types of food for athletes who are gluten-intolerant? Athletes suffering from coeliac disease often struggle to find types of food that can …

Written by: arena coaches 20 December '18 0
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Warning: swimming is seriously good for your health!

Discover the benefits of swimming for your brain! That is what all swimmers ought to know, so if you do not swim get started right now! As well as the physical benefits …

Written by: Marco Borreca 17 October '18 0
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3 foods that a swimmer won’t give up on

Which are the foods that a swimmer won’t give up on? Let’s find out! We’ve already discussed the connection between swimmers and their food habits. Putting aside what’s best food …

Written by: arena coaches 14 September '18 0
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Are you always late to the swimming pool? Here’s how to optimize your time

Time is money, and yet we often waste so much of it without realizing. You should review your schedule before, during and after the pool so you can adopt new …

Written by: Arena 10 September '18 0
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Holiday Fitness: Running on the Beach

Running on the beach can be a great workout when you’re on holiday, but it does have risks. Keep these tips in mind to lessen your chance of injury. If …

Written by: Arena 31 July '18 0
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Running and Swimming: calorie-burning work-outs for the summer

Sport is essential for getting in shape for the summer. So how can you burn fat and calories by swimming and running? Here’s a training plan to get ready for …

Written by: arena coaches 26 June '18 0