Returning to the pool after the holidays: the 5 mistakes you should avoid!

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September, time to return to the ranks and abandon that state of suspended grace and holiday feel typical of summer. This is also the month of new beginnings and new goals, the right time to take up a new physical activity or pursue what you overlooked during the holidays with renewed momentum.

So let’s put the pool rafts, fins, those funny inflatables in the form of flamingos or unicorns that have become all the rage on our beaches in storage and get started again. It is important to start off on the right foot, choosing the most suitable course and preparing yourself to challenge your limits lap after lap.

The first and most useful piece of advice is to start off calmly, without forcing the workout, following your recovery times and respecting your body that maybe after weeks of inactivity can make it hard for you to get going. Remember the importance of a good warmup to avoid muscle trauma or tearing.

5 common mistakes to avoid

To avoid seeing the failure of your good intentions, you should keep in mind five of the most common mistakes, often due to hurrying back to previous workouts and getting back into shape after the summer break.

1. Creating False Expectations.

You give everything, and you don’t see results immediately. This is normal, considering that you need at least two months of constant training before seeing tangible results. Otherwise expecting miraculous results after your first day of training will only cause anxiety and frustration.

2. Stressing your body.

Your body speaks to you; you just have to learn to listen. It’s important to understand what your limits are, without overdoing it. Be advised by a qualified instructor on the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

3. Not setting goals.

It is important to immediately understand what is expected from your lessons or workouts in the pool; there are those who swim to lose weight, those who want to tone up, those who want to refine their technique and those who just want to have fun, relax and maybe experience a new situation. Your goals can change over time, but it’s important to keep them in mind.

4. Damned routine.

Always the same exercises, the same times, the same number of laps. Anyone after a while would get tired of continuously repeating the same workouts. Try to diversify, use new tools, measure yourself with new techniques, alone or with others. Change breaks monotony and is good for your body and mind.

5. Today, yes. Tomorrow, I don’t know.

Um, no. Constancy is a key element for the success of a new undertaking, even when facing a new swimming course. Don’t be lazy. Skipping a workout just because it seems more tempting to go straight from your desk to the couch will not make you feel proud, and you’ll regret it. You should also consider the economic loss because you paid membership fees. So, no more being lazy, the pool awaits you!

One last piece of useful advice!

Why not keep a journal where you can record, from time to time, the progress you’ve made and the goals achieved? You could use it as a way to monitor your activity and clearly express your impressions and expectations. After a few months (maybe at Christmas?), it will be nice to go back through those pages and retrace your hard-sought-after successes day after day. Successes that you should celebrate, with pampering or a gift, and share with those who love you!

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