Towels and bathrobes: styles and characteristics

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arena towels and bathrobes: composition and characteristics

When it comes to bathrobes and towels for the pool, some people know exactly what they want but others do not know which to choose. Here are some of the main characteristics of arena products!

When it comes to choosing the best way to dry off at the pool, some people prefer a towel and others a bathrobe. If you want to sunbathe or swim outdoors, a towel is the best choice for you. On the other hand, a bathrobe, which keeps you warm and protects your head, is much handier for swimmers at the pool.

If in doubt, you could choose both, but let’s take a closer look at all their main characteristics and traits!

Towels and bathrobes: composition

People usually think towels are made of microfibre and bathrobes of cotton. In actual fact, both can be made of either material.

  • arena’s towels and bathrobes made of microfibre are lightweight, take up very little space, and dry in an instant. They are the ideal product if you are looking for something handy and easy to use.
  • If you want a warm and fluffy feel against your skin or if you really feel the cold, then you should choose a towel or bathrobe made of cotton sponge.


Perhaps you did not know that…

arena towels and bathrobes are available in different weights: thicker cotton to keep you warm and wrapped up more cosily, and lighter cotton for a fresher feel and to take up less room in your back.

Focus: arena towels

arena towels are extremely handy and can be used at the pool, when you are out playing sport or at the seaside. They are also ideal for taking on holiday if you have small cases or luggage that cannot hold very much. They are available in various sizes:

  • Small towels (100×50 cm): they are handy, take up very little room and are perfect for the gym;
  • Medium-size towels (150×90 cm): they are ideal for the poolside or for drying off after training;
  • Large towels (170×90 cm): handy and comfortable, perfect for outdoor pools or lying on the beach.


… still not sure? Try our poncho! As handy as a towel, as warm as a bathrobe, and perfect for the pool or the beach.


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