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arena’s tips for choosing the right lenses for your goggles

How to choose lenses for arena goggles The lenses for arena goggles are not all the same. Choose the ideal style and colour for your specific needs! When choosing swimming …

Written by: Arena 27 February '23 0
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How to choose a sports bra

arena sports bras: how do you choose the right one? When choosing a sports bra, it is extremely important to bear in mind what kind of exercise you will be …

Written by: Arena 24 January '23 0
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arena’s range of swim bags and backpacks for the pool

arena swim bags The most important feature of a swim bag is how much it holds. So, what are the alternatives? And what uses can be made of bags and …

Written by: Arena 20 January '23 0
Wetsuits for swimming: swimmer swimming in open water
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How to Choose the Best Wetsuits for Swimming in Open Water

Most people might think of goggles, caps, and swimsuits as the only swimwear you need, but for open-water swimmers, a wetsuit is vital to performance and comfort when competing or …

Written by: Arena 15 March '22 0
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Who’s wearing what Spring-Summer 2021

Who doesn’t love a good throwback?! arena’s Spring-Summer 2021 training collection blends retro vibes with modern cuts & colours thanks to the expansion of the Icons range to swimwear. These …

Written by: Arena 7 July '21 0
ARENA PROMO CODE - Exclusive Community Deals
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YOUR ARENA PROMO CODE – Exclusive Community Deals

Thank you for visiting the arena blog! This is for all the sports enthusiasts out there, who inspire us with love and trust. Enjoy a 15% off your favourite products …

Written by: Arena 1 May '21 0
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Professional swimming goggles: arena Cobra Swipe range

arena’s new Cobra Swipe range of professional swimming goggles New anti-fog technology activated with a simple swipe of the fingertips is the distinctive feature of arena’s new range of Cobra …

Written by: Arena 26 January '21 0
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arena running clothes and how to run safely

Running clothes: a beginner’s guide Running clothes must be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Summer or winter, running outdoors is an excellent exercise that allows you to enjoy …

Written by: Arena 20 January '21 0
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Towels and bathrobes: styles and characteristics

arena towels and bathrobes: composition and characteristics When it comes to bathrobes and towels for the pool, some people know exactly what they want but others do not know which …

Written by: Arena 24 November '15 0