10 Beach Bag Essentials

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Written by: Arena at 28 July '20 0
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The sun is here, and some lucky people are already hitting the beach. It’s never fun to forget something essential, so in case you’ve gotten out of practice over the winter, here’s a checklist for packing your beach bag.


A swimsuit may be the most obvious item on the list, but if you need a new one it can also be the trickiest to find. You want something that fits, that flatters your body shape, that’s functional for the level of activity you plan to engage in at the beach, and that allows you to express your personal style. Wondering where to start? Take a look at arena’s new spring/summer 2020 collection.


You’ll probably want a couple of towels: a large one to lie on and a smaller one to dry off with when you get out of the water. arena offers a variety of towel options, take a look here! Worried about baring it all? Wear the arena terry ponchos to change and towel off at the beach.


You’ll probably take off your street shoes as soon as you hit the beach, but you’ll still need something to protect your feet from hot sand, sharp rocks and dirty restroom floors. If you’re in the market for a new pair of flip-flops, slides or water shoes, check out arena’s footwear collection.


Whether you’re lying on the beach sunbathing or up and wandering around, be sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. You might want to bring an inexpensive pair in case they get lost, scratched or stepped on.


You may be at the beach specifically to work on your tan, but don’t overdo it and let yourself burn. Keep reapplying sunscreen regularly throughout the day, and make sure you have lip balm with sunscreen too.


Almost everyone loves the sun, but, again, there can be too much of a good thing, especially if you’re out all day. Wear a baseball cap or sun hat to protect your face and scalp while keeping the sun out of your eyes.


Even if the beach has a snack bar, you’ll probably want your own supply of healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar up until lunchtime. Frozen grapes or blueberries (or any fruits or veggies) will help keep you keep hydrated. If you take foods like crackers or trail mix, make sure they’re not overly salty.

Water bottle

A reusable water bottle is the environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated.  A stainless steel bottle will keep your water a bit cooler than a plastic one if you’re not bringing a cooler along.

Reading material

Even if you’re planning to spend most of the day in the water, you’ll probably want something to read while you take a break to relax or work on your tan. Find something that’s entertaining and not too heavy. If you like a quick read, magazines may be the best bet. Leave the e-reader at home and stick with old-fashioned paper.

Phone protector

One thing that’s probably not waterproof is your cell phone, so make sure you use a water-resistant cover or phone pouch. Nothing ruins a great day at the beach like damaging a piece of critical technology!

Have we forgotten anything? What else goes in your beach bag?



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