Looking for the Perfect Pool Bag? Try the Fast Roll

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Written by: Arena at 28 April '15 0
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We’ve all suffered the inconvenience of a less-than-ideal pool bag at one point or another. Whether it’s stuffing everything into a gym bag and then having to rummage around to find small items later, or discovering when you get home that your wet swimsuit has ruined something valuable, minor annoyances can make your trip to the pool less pleasant. Having the right bag for the task can make your life much easier. And Arena just introduced what may very well be the perfect pool bag: the Fast Roll.

Arena provides a special scholarship to a select group of talented students at the European University of Design in Pescara, Italy, to explore relevant design projects, and this clever bag is one of the results of that collaboration.

Closed, the Fast Roll looks a bit like a messenger bag, with an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a standard handle. Release the Velcro to open the bag, and the Fast Roll rolls out to reveal a well-thought-out organizational system. The exclusive design focuses on superior space management, with the size and placement of the various pockets tailored perfectly to a swimmer’s (or other sports lover’s) needs. The bag is divided into multiple compartments, including two large ones to hold your towel and swimwear, a PVC envelope to keep your electronics safe and dry, sections in mesh for shoes, a removable wet bag that you can take with you into the shower or leave poolside, and an easy-access pocket on the outside for your keys and phone or other essentials.

The Fast Roll is constructed of special reinforced waterproof nylon to protect the bag and its contents from wet changing room floors. And in a particularly genius move, the designers added a carabiner to allow you to hang the bag practically anywhere. This keeps it off the wet floor entirely and ensures that all your things will be displayed neatly in front of you, so you can find exactly what you need when you’re ready for it.

The bag is available in jet black with apple green or fuchsia detailing and Arena lettering.

The Fast Roll joins the popular Fastpack 2.0, Arena’s smart multi-pocketed backpack, which shares the same focus on exceptional space management. Devised with an internal shelving system for maximum space optimization, it features a host of intelligent details that have made this backpack a huge hit with swimmers and nonswimmers alike.

What key features do you look for when you’re shopping for a new pool bag?


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