3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

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Written by: arena coaches at 4 September '23 0
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In this article, we will be giving you three invaluable tips about the best way to resume training.

According to a famous Italian song from the 1980s “The summer is ending and another year has gone by…”, but contrary to what the song says, for you the end of the summer means the beginning of a new sports season. September is the month when training resumes.

First of all, let’s sweep under the board the theory according to which you need to train all year round. Nothing could be less true. The summer break will give your body the chance to recover and freshen your thoughts ready to recharge your ‘motivational batteries’. Of course, you need to take some precautions when resuming training, particularly as regards your training volume, but a good training plan will help prevent nagging injuries.

3 invaluable tips about the best way to resume training

1. Resume training gradually.

Resume training in two phases. During the first phase, you will allow your body to gradually readapt to training loads. Start with short sessions, without worrying about the quality or quantity of your training. This will allow you to develop an excellent fitness base ready for the coming weeks.

After these first two weeks, the next three will see you gradually increase your training volume. You will gradually start working your metabolic systems harder and harder, focusing on your aerobic system. Here again, you must progress gradually and consistently. At the end of this second phase, you can begin incorporating more quality work.

2. Focus on recovery

Your muscles and bones need to recover to adapt to the resumption of training. That is why, depending on your sports and regardless of whether it is swimming or triathlon, managing your recovery time is vitally important.

As regards swimming, there is nothing to be particularly wary about. Follow the advice given above and you will be fine.

The triathlon is a different matter. Running requires more time to adapt and recover because there is much greater stress on your fibres and tissues. That is why, if you are a triathlete, it is advisable to run less frequently than usual, constantly alternating between the three disciplines.

arena 3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

3. Listen to your body

Although this is our final piece of advice, it could easily have listed it first.

Listening to yourself, particularly at the beginning of the season, is vitally important. If you feel tired after your first few training sessions, then rest. During certain periods of the season, recovery is almost more effective than training. This will allow you to avoid nagging injuries from training too hard.

At the same time, if you feel your body is reacting well to all the stimuli, do not be afraid to increase the length your training sessions slightly.

Our advice is always the same: planning and progression. You might also be advised to consult somebody, who, if need be, can help you with your training.


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