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How to get back into your workout routine after the holidays – Dryland training

Get back into your workout routine with dryland training! After the holidays (which you’ve most likely spent being lazy and eating :)) getting back into your workout routine can be …

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Training & Technique

3 tips for resuming training after the summer break

In this article, we will be giving you three invaluable tips about the best way to resume training. According to a famous Italian song from the 1980s “The summer is …

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Fitness & Wellness

Not much time for training? Here are some exercises specially for you!

You’re at the beach, on holidays. Being the sports lover that you are, after 2 or 3 days of not doing anything but laying around relaxing, you are start to …

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Training & Technique

Top 10 Breaststroke Drills to Improve Your Swim

Did you know that a primitive form of breaststroke is believed to be the very first movement performed by a human being to move forward through the water? So, the …

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Backstroke drills: swimmer doing the backstroke
Training & Technique

10 Backstroke Drills for Your Next Practice

Backstroke is a unique swimming style that many people avoid due to the body position backstrokers must maintain. The stroke may seem very different from the popular front crawl stroke …

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Outdoor swimming pools: summer training tips

Three, two, one….summer is already here! Great! Sunshine, warm weather and… where should I go to swim?!  For those lucky swimmers who live along the coast, it a no-brainer: open-water …

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Fitness & Wellness

Running and Swimming: calorie-burning work-outs for the summer

Sport is essential for getting in shape for the summer. So how can you burn fat and calories by swimming and running? Here’s a training plan for the summer. One …

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Butterfly stroke for beginners: swimmer with his head in the water
Training & Technique

Butterfly Stroke for Beginners: Tips and Drills

There’s nothing quite like watching a swimmer use the butterfly swimming style to propel themselves across the surface of the water gracefully. The butterfly stroke technique requires power and coordination. …

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30 minute swimming workout: swimmer in a diving position
Training & Technique

30-Minute Swimming Workouts for Endurance, Technique, and Speed

Whether you swim for the health benefits or as a career — or if you’re a beginner on an exciting new venture — the truth is that sometimes life just …

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Swimming warmup exercises: swimmer using roller on his back
Training & Technique

Prepare to Race With These Swimming Warmup Exercises

Getting your muscles ready to work efficiently is extremely important before a swim workout but even more so before a race. Utilizing proper swimming warmup exercises will improve your race …

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