Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the water) for you! Part 2

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Written by: Manuele Trezzi at 27 February '17 0
You are reading: Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the water) for you! Part 2

Combined physical fitness/swim work-out by the pool for beginners and time-crunched swimmers.

Here is another training session based around a combination of both physical exercises out of the water and drills in the pool (Click here to see PART 1).

The basic idea is the same: instead of having to decide whether to swim or go to the gym due to the lack of time you have available, combine the two in one single session.

For the exercises out of the pool, I advise using a mat for support.

Today’s session consists of an initial warmup out of the pool to get your arms, shoulders and legs ready for training. The second part focuses on your abdominal muscles based on a circuit of four dynamic exercises. The main set consists of three exercises that will work all your main muscle groups. These exercises should be carried out in sequence, according to the usual method of sets and repetitions.

The fourth part is entirely in the pool. Begin with a slow swim using both your arms and legs.

This is followed by an aerobic session of 50 m reps, swimming different strokes and with different recovery times. Then there is a fast-legs workout and some speed work, first using your legs and then your arms.

Complete the session with 10’ stretching to warm down.

Here is the training plan:


  • Arm rotations: 20 forwards right arm – 20 forwards left arm – 20 backwards right arm – 20 backwards left arm – 10 forwards both arms together – 10 backwards both arms together
  • Lunges: 10 front lunges with right leg – 10 front lunges with left leg – 10 lateral lunges with right leg – 10 lateral lunges with left leg


20” exercises, 5” rest between each exercise, 1’ rest at the end of each set

  • Sit-Up
  • Backstroke legs
  • 90/90 Crunches
  • Sit-Up with twist


For each exercise: 2×2, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8. 20” rest at the end of each set, 1’ extra before moving on to the next exercise

  • Press-ups *to make them easier, rest your arms on a bench to lean forward and lessen the load
  • Squat with feet pointing outwards
  • Dips (resting on a bench or starting block)**to make them easier, bend your legs and place your feet on the ground


  • 300m slow swim
  • 200m freestyle with a pullbuoy
  • 100m backstroke legs
  • 10x50m freestyle, odd reps with 5” recovery and even reps with 10” recovery
  • 100m backstroke legs
  • 4×25 fast legs (with a board, if you want) with 20” recovery
  • 100m slow swim
  • 8×25 fast freestyle arms with a pull buoy with 20” recovery
  • 300m slow swim


10’ stretching


Enjoy your training!


Written by:

Manuele Trezzi

A top-class swimmer who still competes, he has taken part in and reached the finals of Italian championships, as well as winning lots of regional titles. A FIN swimming instructor and trainer, FIT fitness trainer for tennis, and a graduate in the Motor Sciences from Milan State University, he has been working all these fields since the beginning of 2013.