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What to eat before swimming: swimmer fixing her swimsuit
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What to Eat Before Swimming, No Matter When You Train

Swimmers have a special relationship with food. Generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to take a swimmer out for a meal because you’ll be stuck with a huge bill. …

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Navy SEAL swim workout using a TRX
Training & Technique

Improve Performance With This TRX Navy SEAL Swim Workout

The infamous U.S. Navy SEALs training has become well-known in recent years, thanks to the rise of fitness gurus and motivational speakers like ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins. As someone who’s …

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The importance of hydration for swimmers
Fitness & Wellness

The importance of hydration for swimmers

Hydration for swimmers is perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects. Find out what, how much and when it is important for a swimmer to drink! Bearing in mind that …

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Training & Technique

Strength training: why and how to improve your swimming OUT of the water!

Find out why strength training is important for both amateur and professional swimmers. Would you like to swim faster but you already spend lots of time in the water?  Well, …

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Training & Technique

Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the water) for you! Part 2

Combined physical fitness/swim work-out by the pool for beginners and time-crunched swimmers. Here is another training session based around a combination of both physical exercises out of the water and …

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Can swimming help you lose weight?

Let’s find out if and how swimming can help you lose weight. Today we will be looking at a subject that lots of people are interested in. But take note, …

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Training & Technique

“Nurse” your training using a medicine ball

Find out how to make the most of this “old-fashioned” piece of equipment to improve your swimming! A medicine ball is a very versatile means of varying, improving and making …

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Training & Technique

Not much time for training? Here are the right exercise (in and out of the pool) for you!

Not everybody has plenty of time to keep fit through sport. So not everybody can both swim and do specific fitness training out of the pool. Most people can probably …

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A precious alley for swimmers – Stretching BEFORE training

Let’s see what you should do during those few minutes before training! Your training session begins at 8 p.m. but you are already at the poolside by 7.45 and you …

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Training & Technique

Maximum strength training out of the water

We have already discussed the importance of strength training out of the water for a swimmer. We would now like to take both a theoretical and practical look at how …

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