The Iron Lady’s 5 Iron Rules

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Written by: Emily at 28 November '17 0
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The Iron Lady, Katinka Hosszu is one of the best all-around swimmers on earth right now. She competes in multiple races around the world and always delivers great results. Katinka’s mind is as strong as her body, she never makes excuses and lives by her motto that ‘Hard Work Always Pays Off.’ This motto is echoed throughout her five Iron Rules: 

#IronRule 1
Before each workout, I always make sure I stop and take a second before jumping in to the water to remember what my goals are, and what I must do during the workout in order to take a step further towards them.

#IronRule 2
Once I start a workout, I have a firm ‘no excuses’ policy. I don’t make any excuses, I do what needs to be done and I don’t expect to hear anyone else around me making excuses either.

#IronRule 3
My whole career has been based on the idea of not being afraid to choose the harder path when I have a choice. Nothing easy has ever been worth doing.

#IronRule 4
I never seek out the opportunities where success is guaranteed, I look for the opportunities where the odds are that I will fail, because failure is the path towards success.

#IronRule 5
Hard work always pays off. It may not happen at the exact moment you planned, but hard work never goes to waste, it will always come back to you.

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