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Written by: Arena at 6 May '20 0
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Since the beginning of the COVID 19 emergency, the Italian Red Cross (CRI) has been working on the front lines, with thousands of volunteers and representatives supporting the Italian population.

Throughout this period, the Red Cross and its team of women and men have confirmed as a constant and reassuring presence, a point of reference that guarantees assistance, health and logistical support, and the operation of safe medical transport. Through its toll-free number, the CRI also provides psychological support along with accurate information for thousands of citizens.

It’s an extremely important job that requires both energy and support, and to that end arena has decided to launch an initiative to raise funds for the organization. Through arena’s e-commerce channels, individuals will be able to donate a euro to CRI, which will in turn be matched by arena.

“The strength of the CRI has always been based on the work of volunteers who take to the field every day, defending individual and community values, and helping many people in need during this emergency,” said co-CEOs Luca Selvatici and Giuseppe Musciacchio. “It just seems right for us to bring a little part of arena into the daily work of these volunteers who are helping the country at the moment, a small gesture for a better future.”


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