Like flying through water: slip into the Powerskin Carbon-Air

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Arena’s groundbreaking Carbon Technology strikes again with the new feather light Powerskin Carbon-Air, a whole new dimension of competitive swimwear that brings together the best in research, technology and one Arena’s most prized assets: the experience of its Elite swimmers and competitive pro-athletes. In fact a number of European National teams and over 120 swimmers from four of the leading NCAA colleges tried out the suit for us and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

The key here is the fit of the suit which has been engineered for maximum comfort and the well-known challenge of putting on a competitive suit, the pulling, the tugging, the squirming become a moot point thanks to the exceptionally light fabric that feels more like a second skin than a competitive suit. That said, none of the proven advantages, like the superior and effective compression of arena’s Powerskin styles are sacrificed, thanks to smart construction: the suits for women for example boast SmartStretch shoulder straps, constructed using selected materials and a totally unique manufacturing process which means a notable reduction in tension in a crucial area for all swimmers. The men’s jammers are also equally easy to put on and share the same intelligent design principles as the women’s style which puts freedom of movement front and centre so that you can focus on your form and propel you to beat yourself at your best.

Simone Sabbioni, the European Junior 50 backstroke champion and world junior record holder summed it up best:

“The Carbon-Air is a great suit! It’s super cool, comfy and incredibly light. I like how quickly it took me to put it on and how it felt both in and out of the water. Compression without restriction…perfect!”.

Technology, experience, know-how: it’s all there in the arena Powerskin Carbon-Air.

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