Do you feel down? Try hydrotherapy!

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Hydrotherapy is an ancient practice that as the name suggests uses water for therapeutic purposes. The German naturopath Sebastian Kneipp, father of modern hydrotherapy, has created over 160 useful techniques to combat a variety of diseases and blemishes: from cellulite to stretch marks, gynaecological and skin problems to muscle pains and stress to headaches.

Hydrotherapy practices are numerous and can almost all be performed at home. The water, if cold, performs invigorating action on the body, charging it with new energy and favouring oxygenation. Then matching the cold stimulus to that of the hot one means stimulating the circulatory system by strengthening veins and capillaries. Hydrotherapy offers benefits to sick people as well as those who are healthy and is able to act as a real drug. The important thing is to have consistency and follow the correct method of use.

For the mind

The benefits that are felt thanks to the water are not only physical but also psychological. In fact, our body mainly consists of water, able to transmit energy, health and beauty. It is an easy and harmless natural healing method, so simple that it can be performed at home, in the shower or in the bathtub, using salt, sponges and water jets. But to gain the highest results, it would be better if the sessions of aquatic therapy are joined by a therapist, in tanks heated to 35-38 degrees. The benefits of this form of therapy can lead to a greater acceptance of intimacy and increase confidence, reducing fears and anxieties. And it’s really suitable for everyone, including children, the elderly and pregnant women.

 …and for the body

As mentioned before, with aquatic therapy we can face a number of disturbance even on a physical plane. The most common ones? For example, some forms of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, is counteracted thanks to an increase in muscle power and mobility and to a reduced perception of pain. We also think of many musculoskeletal ailments, from back pain to arthritis and osteoporosis, circulatory disorders such as arterial and venous insufficiencies and orthopaedic post-trauma and post surgery. How does water work as a healing power on our bodies? It takes advantage of the principle of buoyancy, relaxing the muscles, promoting rapid recovery of strength and endurance and permits smooth movements even in conditions of excess body weight.

At the spa for balneotherapy

In this case, the properties of the mineral water in the special heated tanks are what offer benefits and relieve pain. Among the diseases that can be addressed most successfully are those of the musculoskeletal and circulatory system, lymphatic and venous insufficiency. The most common ways to heal with balneotherapy are with the jacuzzi, water vascular gym and showers with different temperatures and durations of treatment. In many cases, balneotherapy is carried out sequentially to mud therapy for an integration and an enhancement of the therapeutic results. Among the most precious and healing thermal waters are bromine and iodine, stimulating and anti-inflammatory, and sulphur-calcium water, of medium density, rich in sulphur derivatives and particularly suitable for treating skin diseases such as eczema, rashes, boils and herpes.

Some spas also offer special baths with ozone: in practice it enriches the water with ozone and oxygen in its purest state. The molecules break down in an ongoing manner and dissolve in water diffusing through the skin, improving circulation.

Have you ever tried to tackle your ailments using the healing power of water? How? And what benefits have you gotten?


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