5 types of food for strengthening your immune defences

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Written by: Martina Pica at 21 April '21 0
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During periods of light training, here is how to remain healthy by strengthening your immune defences.

Let’s discover the properties of certain foods that help keep our immune system strong to prevent any potential ailments!

At a time when not everybody can train the way they would like, looking after our bodies and keeping healthy is more important than ever.

Here are some types of food or strengthening your immune defences that should always be staples in our diet.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit, like oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons and limes are rich in vitamin C. Incorporating these fruits in our daily diet can help our body fight off bacterial infections and help us recover from viruses. When you are stressed, the hormones given off by your body can completely consume your stores of vitamin C. Strengthening your immune system can help prevent you from catching colds during examination periods, sports events or when you have important work to do.


A number of studies have shown that curcuma inhibits an enzyme that stimulates the production of substances causing inflammation, thereby reducing the levels of this enzyme in our blood.

This process helps explain the anti-inflammatory spike caused by this plant, which can provide notable relief from osteoarthritic pain.


Ginger is a powerful antioxidant, but it also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can stimulate blood circulation, which means more oxygen reaches our tissues to help remove toxins.

Ginger can also ease stomach aches; try adding some to a cup of tea and sip it slowly. You can also make ginger tea by boiling a ginger root in some water in a pan. After leaving it to boil for 10-15 minutes, strain the liquid into a cup or mug and add a spoonful of honey to make it slightly sweeter.

5 types of food for strengthening your immune defences


Allicin, a phytochemical compound found in garlic, can help fight off bacteria and infections. Since it is rich in vitamin C, garlic facilitates the synthesis of proteins in the hormones, protects against oxidative stress, and helps our immune system work properly, so it can fight off common colds. Even if you already have a cold, garlic will still help relieve your symptoms.

Tart cherries

According to a study carried out at the Oregon & Science University in San Francisco, tart cherries have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Sports people, whose bones and joints often come under excessive stress and strain, should make the most of this wonderful fruit for relief against physical stress. Certain scientific studies suggest that the extract of tart cherries is ten times more effective at providing relief against inflammation than aspirin.

Although it is hard to avoid getting ill in winter, you can catch certain illnesses at all times of the year, particularly if you are stressed.

So, give your immune system a helping hand by adding these foods to your favourite dishes!

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Martina Pica

Dr. Martina Pica, Dietician. I graduated from Pavia University and have been a dietician since 2011, also specialising in sports and clinical/pathological nutrition. I was a swimmer for many years and my love of sport led me to enrol at Turin University, where I am currently studying for a degree in physiotherapy.