Author: Martina Pica

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5 types of food for strengthening your immune defences

During periods of light training, here is how to remain healthy by strengthening your immune defences. Let’s discover the properties of certain foods that help keep our immune system strong …

Written by: Martina Pica 21 April '21 0
Fitness & Wellness

A few suggestions on quick post-workout recovery

In order to have a strong and healthy body, you have to learn how to love yourself, dedicating the same amount of attention to your recovery as you do to …

Written by: Martina Pica 1 March '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

A swimmer’s nutrition: when to eat, what to eat and training

One of the main issues concerning a swimmer’s nutrition is what to eat and when to eat it: it is advisable to eat a diet based around small but nutritionally …

Written by: Martina Pica 6 July '17 0