3 foods that a swimmer won’t give up on

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Which are the foods that a swimmer won’t give up on? Let’s find out!

We’ve already discussed the connection between swimmers and their food habits. Putting aside what’s best food to eat before or after a workout, at a race, we’ve looked at what swimmers like to eat (a lot of).

There are many important foods, each one having their own specific characteristics and are suggested for different reasons. Some foods are recommended when wanting to recover physically after a tough workout or race, others are recommended in order to have the right amount of energy before a workout, etc.

Besides those, there are foods that a lot of swimmers enjoy to eat just for the sake of it and perhaps eat them every day. How was I able to choose just 3 of these? I asked myself: “If I were to go to practice on a desert island which would be the 3 foods that I would bring?”. Obviously it’s a bit of a surreal situation, but if that were ever to happen to me, I would bring:


It’s not the first on the list by pure coincidence and I think a lot of people would put pasta as the number one thing they’d bring. A nice plate of pasta allows you to obtain a good amount of carbohydrates giving you the energy needed for your workout. If you also consider the satisfaction that eating a good plate of pasta can bring, you’ll surely understand why it’s my number one.


Considering the fact that I’m on this desert island in the first place in order to work out and considering that I’ve always preferred to do so early in the morning, one thing is necessary for me in order to do so: coffee. I always start my day by drinking a cup of coffee. I have the same ritual if I work out in the afternoon: it always starts with a coffee. The ability that caffeine has (without going overboard) is very useful in activating the body.


This third choice might be a bit more unusual. Fruit (and vegetables) have always been an important part of my diet. Getting a big dose of vitamins keeps the organism efficient. Also, oranges (as do many other types of fruit) contain a large amount of natural sugars which can always be useful.

I’m quite sure that a lot of you would have chosen at least one or two of the same foods as me. Obviously it’s all a matter of personal preference and eating habits, which can’t be the same for everyone.

Which ones would you choose?


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