Hydrophobia: How to beat your fear of the water

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It is one of the most powerful fears (along with that of fire) that has ancient and ancestral origins and can lead to a real phobia: hydrophobia. Fear of water is limiting because it does not allow us to enjoy the benefits this element can bring to our body and our minds. Not to mention that our body is made up of 60% water, an element that accompanied us 9 months in the bun, so it should be familiar. Yet for some it is not so and even having contact with this liquid can trigger real panic attacks.

What may be the causes of hydrophobia?

One of the most common causes of water discomfort may be a trauma, usually experienced as a child. It is important to look inside yourself and analyze the origin of the fear: when it first appeared and why? Generally, the most common fear is related to the fear of drowning and going into deep waters, perhaps because you once accidentally swallowed some water (in the salty sea or swimming pool), resulting in apnea and a sense of drowning. Other times, fear can be transmitted by parents who may also suffer from it. Young people can more easily overcome it, because their brain is more moldable and responsive.


If you also have this fear, if only the thought of facing the water, taking a swim, generates anxiety and agitation, there is good news. With a little diligence and goodwill you will be able to overcome your hydrophobia.

Let’s see how with these tips:

1. First steps. In the swimming pool, sit on the edge, leaving only your legs immersed and then, with the ladder, begin to enter the part of the pool where you can touch. Gradually wet your arms and then put your head in the water. It’s a way to become familiar with this element and to understand that there is nothing to fear.

2. Learn how to stay afloat. This is the first objective that will give you a sense of security and self-control: start doing it in a small pool or in a stretch of sea that is calm and at a low sea level, and generally in crowded places. You can do this with the help of some tools like water noodles and kickboards.

3. The swimming course. The most effective advice is to sign up for a swim course. There will be a qualified instructor next to you who will guide you through the exercises. And once you know the technique, the first opportunity you have for a beautiful swim at the sea this summer, you will be quite happy about your decision.


Underestimating or even wanting to deny this fear can generate additional anxiety and stress. You do not have to dramatize the situation. Most of the time you just need some targeted exercises and goodwill to get back to having a serene relationship with the water. The worst thing you can do to a hydrophobic is to suddenly throw them into the water (a drastic technique that was used in the past, even though it may seem unbelievable), because it could amplify fear and traumatize the subject, as well as put them in danger.

If you have decided to take the bull by its horns and beat your hydrophobia, you will notice improvements in your relationship with yourself and in managing your emotions, beneficial also for your self-esteem.

How did you overcome your fear of the water? Tell us your story here!


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