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Written by: Marzia Gasparetto at 14 December '17 0
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Today we’ll learn how something as simple as water can be useful when following a weight loss plan. But I’m not going to talk to you about how to swim or move in the water. I’m going to explain what an important role water has in a balanced diet and exercise scheme and why you’re often suggested to “drink a lot of water”.

First of all, importantly, let me start by saying: drinking a lot of water doesn’t in itself make you lose weight, like one might often hear. It’d be too easy, don’t you think? Keeping well hydrated can and should accompany your weight loss scheme which should be based upon (1) a healthy balanced diet (be sure not to make it extreme) created personally for you by a professional, (2) a constant work out scheme, planned over a long period of time, also set up by a professional.

Drinking a lot of water, more than what you’re used to, will have a natural thermogenic effect: by drinking, we are fundamentally introducing a liquid that is colder than our normal body temperature (37°C) and thereby lowering it. As a result, the body’s organism is activated in order to get it back to its optimal temperature.

After drinking you will need to go to the bathroom. Urin, having come from inside your body, is warm, and urinating further lowers your body temperature and the body’s organism is activated once again.

Also, by constantly introducing an adequate amount of water will help keeping the body’s cells hydrated and improve their ability to handle the fluids in and out of the cells (intra- and extracellular). The next aspect is important for our health: the human body contains about 70% water and all the main functions of the body work better if they are well hydrated. Secondly, it has a positive effect on the composition of the body, its ability to retain water and controlling hormonal changes.

As for the external effects (the most visible and immediate), by drinking more you will notice that you will be less tired and feel less heavy, have a renewed level of energy and feel more hydrated and have softer skin. Look at all the benefits contained in a plain bottle of water!

Last but not least, forget about creams, face masks or miraculous infusions that say that they will reduce swelling, make you slimmer and hydrate your body or legs. Avoid Thermogenic fat burners or anything claiming to accelerate your metabolism: if you don’t drink enough water every day, all of those other things will be basically useless. Try to gradually increase the amount of water that you drink daily and you’ll see the difference. Try it to believe it!

And…don’t forget the important note at the beginning of the article! Until next time!

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Written by:

Marzia Gasparetto

Marzia Gasparetto, born in 1989, graduated in Motor Sciences, Sport and Health from Milan University and is a Nutritional Expert and Personal Trainer. As well as being something I love, my work is also a mission: getting people, who turn to me for help, to adopt a better "lifestyle" based around healthy exercise and sensible diet.