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4 exercises you can do anywhere to keep fit

Indoors or outdoors,  here are 4 exercises to help you keep fit!  After all your hard work throughout the rest of the year, it would be a real shame to …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 30 March '20 0
Fitness & Wellness

Fitness, weight-loss and body toning: 5 busted myths

1. Calories don’t count: FALSE! Of course they do! The only way to lose weight is to put our bodies in a situation where they are in calorie deficit; in …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 17 May '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Lose weight…with water!

Today we’ll learn how something as simple as water can be useful when following a weight loss plan. But I’m not going to talk to you about how to swim …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 14 December '17 0
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Enjoying tough training

Training. Exertion. Dieting. Sweat. Sacrifices. Would I be right to think that most people shiver when they hear these words, overcome by laziness and already feeling tired? But this list …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 22 May '17 0