Men’s beachwear: which is the right swimsuit for you?

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9 o’clock: sunbathing (seeing as the sun is not too hot yet).

10 o’clock: a game of beach volleyball, men against women.

11 o’clock: a nice swim before lunch.

And what about the afternoon? You just start all over again.

Who says a day at the beach is just relaxation?

With all this swimming, sport, talking and walking, even in a situation like this you need the right swimwear. Let’s find out together what kind of men’s swimwear is available and how to choose the right swimsuit for your body shape.

All the different types of swimsuit

Choosing a men’s swimsuit is not just a matter of looks: they come in different shapes and materials and finding the ideal swimsuit can make all the difference in terms of comfort.

There are two different categories of men’s swimsuits: elasticated and non-elasticated. The former are tightfitting and small in size, the latter are made of fabric (nylon, polyamide, micro-fibre or polyester) and a look more like shorts.


1. briefs: the classic swimming costume that so popular in Europe. It is discreet, comfortable and available in various different waist heights;
2. shorts: similar to high-fitting briefs and also known as squared shorts, low waist shorts or trunks, they cover you from the waist to about halfway down the thigh.


1.  X-shorts and shorts: respectively 32 and 36.5 cm long shorts;
2.  Boxers: shorts somewhere between Bermudas and ordinary shorts in length (approx. 41.5 cm);
3.  Bermuda shorts and Long Bermuda shorts: really popular with surfers all over the world, they are soft, light-weight shorts that reach down to the knees. Long Bermudas are  50.5 cm.

Tall and muscular

Your body shape: you are tall, cut and well proportioned. You have a real sportsman’s physique and are tall enough to turn heads.
What to choose: from briefs to Bermuda shorts, any swimsuit looks good on you. Choose the right colour for your skin tone. If you are light-skinned, choose bright colours. If you are darker skinned, opt for colours that create a nice contrast. If you are very muscular, however, avoid briefs. You are in danger of looking like a bodybuilder…

Tall and slim

Your body shape: you have a slender body and are tall, you have quite slim legs and your shoulders are about the same width as your hips.
What to choose: non-elasticated Bermuda shorts or ordinary shorts are fine. Avoid briefs or costumes that are too short or elasticated, they will make you look even taller and draw attention to your thin legs.

Tall and stocky

Your body shape: you are tall and stocky.
What to choose: once again Bermuda shorts or ordinary shorts (elasticated or non-elasticated) are an ideal choice. Opt for plain colours or a simple pattern so that you look balanced.

Short and muscular

Your body shape:you have a shapely muscular body, but you are not very tall.
What to choose: the ideal swimsuit for you will make you look taller. Do not choose Bermuda shorts down to your knees. Briefs, x-shorts and shorts with a low waist that make your legs look longer and focus on your abs are a good option.

Short and slim

Your body shape: you are not very tall and have a slim but not very muscular body.
What to choose: elasticated shorts are ideal for you. Do not choose long or loose-fitting swimming costumes  that may attract attention to the fact you are not very tall.

Short and stocky

Your body shape: you are not very tall and are carrying a few extra pounds on certain parts of your body.
What to choose: high-cut briefs are ideal to make your legs look longer. Vertical stripes are highly recommended because they will make you look slimmer.


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