Body Shaping Magic with Bodylift Swimsuits

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Written by: Arena at 18 March '15 0
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Arena’s body shaping swimwear is so much more than just bathing suits cut from shapewear fabric. Fit and construction are essential to the magic formula of our Bodylift creations. With sartorial nips and tucks, structural cuts and intelligent shaping panels our shapewear swimsuits catch curves at their best. We map out patterns and designs that accentuate the positive and minimize what is not. Artfully placed seams, seamless construction, bias cuts, shaping techniques and complimentary detailing all work their wonder on creating visual balance. We dig deep into the tailor’s toolbox for special structural solutions to problem areas.

To combat extra midriff, we crafted a stomach-flattening design with a tummy control panel. Invisible to the eye, this builtin mesh panel smoothes out the stomach, hiding undesirable curves without affecting breathability, comfort and performance. Any dressmaker can tell you that no two busts are alike. We know that women’s upper body needs vary in terms of support and visual balance. Bodylift suits offer four different kinds of inner bra construction: our versatile classic bra design with basic support, semi-padded inner bras for the smaller bust with a smooth shape and medium support, underwire bras to lift, separate and support bigger breasts, and our mesh inner bras that separate the bustline and conform to any shape. From providing support for fuller busts to cleavage-enhancement for more petite chests and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no denying that the right construction of key body areas makes body shaping swimwear effective, but nuance is just as essential to creating swimsuits with the fit of bespoke tailoring. What seem to be minor details like adjustable straps or seamless construction are what make our swimsuits just that much more customizable or sleeker.

With the combination of sartorial art, patented shapewear fabrics and Arena’s performance swimwear know-how, Bodylift suits are beautiful designs that make any shaped woman feel and look her best whether working out at the pool or unwinding at a spa.

Explore our collection to find the right Bodylift magic for you.


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