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In previous articles we have already presented the arena Pull kick , a useful swimming aid combining the design of a kickboard and pullbuoy. Now it is time to take a look at the Pullkick Pro designed to make your training even more effective. What is different about the Pullkick Pro is that it is less buoyant, so it is designed for more experienced PRO swimmers, so that they can work more intensively on their core and body alignment.

Its pluses are:

  • smaller in size to help you maintain proper body alignment and buoyancy when using it as a pullbuoy;
  • innovative streamlined grip to increase core stability
  • made of soft foam to transition more comfortably from pullbuoy to kickboard, turning it into an excellent tool for training your legs;
  • less buoyant to strengthen your core and make your training even more effective.

We will now take a look at some useful drills showing how versatile the Pullkick Pro is.

1. Freestyle with one arm only. As we have already seen, freestyle swimming with one arm only is a key exercise for improving your technique. In this drill the Pullkick Pro is used as a front support, i.e. kickboard.

Hold the Pullkick Pro in both hands and try to maintain perfect body alignment. Start to pull downwards with one arm and breathe in when your hand is below your shoulder. When you have completed the catch and pull phase and your arm is along your body, pause for a moment. Now recover your arm making sure your elbow is pointing upwards.  When your hand is halfway up your back, dip your head underwater and place your hand back on the Pullkick Pro. Repeat with your other arm.

2. Double-armed backstroke with paddles. This drill is aimed at improving your catch phase and feel for the water during the pull phase. The Pullkick Pro is used as a pullbuoy and hand paddles are also worn to catch more water during the pull phase.

Begin with the Pullkick Pro between your legs and paddles on your hands. Your legs may move slightly despite the support from the Pullkick Pro. Being with your arms along your sides, then recover both arms simultaneously in an upwards movement. As your hands enter the water, extend them as far as possible and then pull them downwards powerfully, so they are back along your sides. Repeat this movement several times, making sure you maintain a proper body position and effective pull.

3. Breaststroke with butterfly leg kick. This is a key drill for learning and improving your hip movement during the breaststroke. As with the previous drill for the backstroke, the Pullkick Pro is used as a pullbuoy. Start swimming breaststroke. As you begin the pull phase, kick downwards.

Perform a complete breaststroke arm pull. During the recovery phase, dip your head underwater, raise your hips and complete the downward phase of the butterfly leg kick. Make sure you stretch your arms fully forwards with each stroke, extend your body in the water and raise your hips and legs with each leg kick. Breathe every two or three arm pulls to get into the right rhythm.


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