So which are the perfect goggles for you?

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Goggles are like a second skin for swimmers: they must fit perfectly, provide perfect vision, be watertight, and fit neatly around the nose and back of the head, so that you can swim carefree.

The world of goggles is full of surprises; there are all kinds of different types designed for every possible kind of “homo amphibius”.

So how about taking a test? Let’s try and find the ideal arena goggles for your specific needs.

Get a piece of paper and pen and write down your answers. At the end of this short test you will find out which are the right goggles for you!

Are you ready?!

Question 1: how do you react to not having been able to train today?
  1. Double training session tomorrow!
  2. Perhaps I’ll do a bit of core stability work a bit later at home
  3. The wise man says: “an extra day’s rest is better than a bad training session”.
Question  2: today’s training session seemed easy….
  1. How boring! I really want to push harder and harder and harder!!!
  2. Lucky for me! Today I felt really tired
  3. Easy?! But I am shattered!
Question 3: A friend challenges you to a 50 metres freestyle race….
  1. “You are so going to lose!”
  2. Great, let’s see who wins!
  3. No chance!?! I just want to relax!
Question  4: swimming pool, open sea or….?
  1. The sea?! You have got to be kidding! I can do without anything except for that blue line along the bottom of the pool.
  2. The freedom you feel when swimming in the sea is quite unique, but I prefer to train in the pool.
  3. I am not bothered whether it is the pool or sea, because I basically swim for fun.
Question 5: You have been offered the chance to invite a famous swimmer to dinner, who are you going to choose?
  1. Definitely Adam Peaty, I want to find out how he can swim that fast.
  2. Chad LeClos, he seems like a really nice guy!
  3. Invite a swimmer to dinner?! How boring! They are too worried about what they eat!

Right, now count how many “1”, “2” or “3” answers you have written down.

If most of your answers were “1”, then the ideal goggles for you are a racing model like the Cobra Ultra.

These goggles are designed for competitive swimmers, who see races as their favourite hunting ground. Compared to other models, racing goggles have hard lenses to provide better, clearer vision and small seals to fit better around the eyes and provide better hydrodynamics. They have a dual strap so the goggles fit around your head properly and are attached in two places. The interchangeable nose bridge and “fixed” clip mean they can be customised to fit your face perfectly.

You can choose your own favourites based on the type of lens you require: clear-coloured lenses, ideal for indoor or duller days, or dark lenses if you train in well lit pools or outdoor.

Racing goggles – check here

If most of your answers were “2”, then you are the kind of swimmer who needs Fitness Goggles.

Swimmers who use Fitness goggles love to train in the pool, but also swim in open water, like, for example, triathletes.

Most arena Fitness Goggles also have an interesting special strap adjustment system: it allows you to alter the strap length without having to remove your goggles, so you do not need to interrupt your training. They usually have a split strap that makes them more comfortable and perfectly watertight.

If you have a small face, you can opt for a model with smaller eye gaskets, which will guarantee a perfect watertight fit. If you prefer having a wider field of view while swimming, choose a model with large lenses or a mask.

Fitness goggles – check here

Finally, if most of your answers were “3”, then Recreational Training goggles are the right choice for you (Zoom X-Fit is just an example).

These goggles are an excellent choice for people who do not follow an intensive training plan in the pool, but are nevertheless looking for tough, comfortable and, above all, easy-to-wear goggles.

Perfect water-tightness is guaranteed by the flexible nose bridges and easy to adjust straps.

These really are the perfect goggles for people who swim for the sheer pleasure and fun of it.

Leisure goggles – check here


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