Swimming for the older age group – try this set!

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Swimming is considered to be one of the most popular sports in many European countries. Despite it could be considered a “boring” sport; it has now overtaken football and many other, “more visible” sports in the number of participants.

You can swim at any age and on any level: from newborns to the elderly, going from simple swimming lessons to pre-competitive and then to competitive swimming, from the teenager to the masters training where you never stop “competing”.

Today we’ll be talking about the older age group, but we won’t be talking about master athletes that compete and train constantly, obviously proportionally to their age, but simply as a way to keep fit.

Staying healthy is what we should focus on both before and after swimming. Remember to do a series of stretching exercises before getting in the pool, which should be a fundamental part of any warm-up and can help avoiding any unnecessary injuries.

In the water the laps should be done in a slow but continuous matter.

I suggest doing the following set of exercises:

  • 200 freestyle
  • 100 breaststroke
  • 100 backstroke
  • 200 legs in the style of your choice
  • 200 arms in the style of your choice
  • 300 freestyle
  • 100 in the style of your choice

When you’ve finished, do some relaxing exercises on land, have a shower and… good luck!


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