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Dear distance swimmers, here we are again!

Today we will be outlining an initial workout for the pool, which – we will never tire of reminding you – should only be done after stretching and warming up properly outside the pool.

We have already told you that distance swimmers keep their heart rate carefully controlled (the abbreviation for heart rate is HR) when training, depending on the type of session they are doing. So what kind of sessions are we talking about? Let’s try and make this simple.

An aerobic session means swimming at a steady pace with a maximum HR of 140/150 bpm for 20/30 minutes without altering your stroke. A threshold session does not last as long (10/20 minutes) and you should keep your heart rate at between 150-170 bpm.

Bearing in mind that distance swimmers mainly swim freestyle – we’re referring to the “main parts” of a session – here is an initial workout to try.

  • 300 m warm-up, any stroke
  • 12×25 m working on your freestyle technique (10” recovery)
  • 8×50 m freestyle, swimming slightly harder with only a short recovery (5” recovery) at average intensity
  • 2 sets: 50/100/150/200/150/100/50 m with recovery times proportional to the distance swum +5 sec./+10 sec./+15 sec./+20 sec and HR never over 150/160 bpm
  • 200 m easy
  • 8×25 m working on freestyle technique when you are basically feeling “tired”
  • 100 m easy
  • 8×50 m freestyle with 10” recovery

Total of 3500 metres

Enjoy your swim!


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