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No kit is complete without goggles. Every champion knows that the difference between reaching your pre-set goals or falling short of them depends not just on strength and commitment, but on the details, the small stuff. The placement of a seam, the weight of a suit and of course the right goggles. arena’s Cobra Ultra are the perfect choice to go with your Carbon suits; they’ve been engineered with the same meticulous attention to even the slightest of athletes’ needs and with a total understanding of how absolutely crucial vision is when you’re flying through the water.

Clarity, comfort and control: arena’s team built on these principles to create the next generation of goggles and the results are exceptional: a marked drag reduction, a smoother glide, no leakage as well as extended visibility and terrific lateral vision.

Fit was also an extremely important consideration, and thanks to five interchangeable nose bridges, a dual silicone strap, an adjustable back clip and a paper-thin gasket moulded on the lens, you can feel secure that they will stay on track; from the dive to the finish line and all the laps in between, the Cobra Ultra will stay put so you can perform at your peak.

As always, at arena we rely heavily on our pro-athletes’ input and the word back from them confirm that once again, nobody knows and understands athletes’ needs quite like arena does. Here’s what some of our Elite Swimmers had to say:

I have used them in training from day one, and now I can finally use them in a raceThey fit snugly on the face and are really comfortable – they are so light it doesn’t seem as if I’m wearing them when I swim. Water flows over the lenses with seemingly no friction at all.”
European 800 and 1500 free champion Gregorio Paltrinieri

They’re stunning, delivering a great sense of speed.I love my Cobra Ultra goggles from day one, I’ve been training with them since I got them. They’re definitely going to be my goggles of choice for competitions.They have a distinctive unique look that just feels cool.
European champion 50m breaststroke and 100m breaststroke Adam Peaty

They’re just great goggles, so comfortable, and with great forward vision!
Australia, World Championship 4×100 freestyle relay silver medallist Bronte Campbell

I just found my perfect open-water goggles thanks to their comfort and lateral vision.”
Tunisia, 1500 freestyle & open water Olympic champion Ous Mellouli

Sleek design, cool colours and technical superiority: because it’s all about your water instinct.

Discover the difference: Cobra Ultra. 


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