Satisfy your water instinct: discover the secrets behind the arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex

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We listen, we study, we research and we perfect, and then we perfect some more. So we processed all the precious feedback we got from our Elite Athletes after hours and hours of tireless practice and their constant pursuit of excellence and built on the proven superiority of the awesome Powerskin Carbon technology to create a completely exceptional new suit, the arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition, just in time for Kazan 2015 where it will officially launch (from July 24th –August 9th).

The first secret of these suits lies in the V-flex System, arena’s innovative and patented construction that gives the fabric a discernible edge in performance and fit. It’ll give you a new understanding of your swim potential with tangible and intelligent details that know how your body and hydrodynamics work: Intelligent Compression for an incredible, snug fit and strategic seam placement which gives you maximum freedom of movement exactly where you need it: hips, glutes and of course shoulders.

The women’s suits are constructed to optimise strokes and kicks thanks to the seams’ smart placement, which anchors all the tension at the back centre while in the men’s jammers the waistline is completely free of taped seams for a faultless fit.

But it’s also about style and the sleek designs in cool anthracite grey with lime fluorescent green accents, or the reverse, in pop lime green with steel grey taping express your water instinct and add that needed boost of verve and power to your every practice and competition.

More about arena’s carbon technology

The debut model born from this groundbreaking fabric was released just before the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Arena’s Elite Athletes brought home a total of 35 medals, including 10 Golds and 4 world records! How’s that for excellence?

Discover the difference: explore the Powerskin Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition.


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