How to match strokes to tone up at the pool?

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Is your goal to lose a few pounds, improve your body shape and tone up your muscles? As we have written several times, swimming is a complete sport that allows you to work out your whole body in a harmonious manner, without too much stress. It is also a great discipline for losing weight, just learn the right training programs and do not overdo it, especially if you are a beginner and you’re still becoming familiar with the correct number of laps and strokes. Do not worry, with commitment and constancy you will be rewarded with a physical form that will make you proud of yourself and your efforts. Here are a few suggestions that may interest you!

What are the most effective strokes and exercises for losing weight?

Swimming is an aerobic and symmetrical sport, two concepts that favour getting rid of fat and the harmonious development of an aesthetic appearance. Stroke after stroke you will tone your abdominals, arms, legs and buttocks evenly, thanks to reduced gravity in the water, thus avoiding dangerous joint injuries.

Toning in the pool: where should you start?

In this context, let’s say you already know how to swim freestyle (crawl), backstroke, and you have a resistance of at least 20 minutes. While, if you are just beginning, we recommend reading this article for everything you should know before starting a beginners swimming course.

So, if your goal is to lose weight, you should be able to tackle at least 2 sessions a week for 40 minutes, moving towards 3-4 sessions per week, each preceded by a short stretching session (even post-workout). This will allow you to avoid cramps. You can also use the tips here to easily prevent them.

Session after session, you should steadily increase training to double the number of laps – let’s assume that you’re starting with 8 laps, mixing different strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) and finishing with the last 8 all in freestyle. If your goal is to tone up your legs, you can use the kickboard (also good for counteracting cellulite), to enhance your arm technique, you should use the pullbuoy. Remember that each workout should end with a slower and relaxed cool down in freestyle.

What are the benefits of various styles?

The breaststroke is useful for your legs, back and pectorals, while freestyle exercises your arms and breathing more. The backstroke is recommended for those who suffer from back pain, tonsillitis and abdominal pain. The butterfly, the most tiring stroke but also the most spectacular, trains mainly the subscapularis muscles, biceps and pectorals.

With a steady workout, from the third week, you should be able to increase your number of laps: the first 7 should alternate each of the four strokes, and you shouldn’t rest for more than 30-40 seconds between laps to maintain your heart rate. Then continue with 7 more laps in freestyle, followed by 7 laps in backstroke, 7 breaststroke and 7 butterfly. Each workout should end after having swum 40 laps, keeping the rhythm of your strokes, so that weight loss is assured!


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