Recreational Swimming: what’s your style?

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Written by: Carmela Convertini at 23 December '15 0
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Swimming is like breathing… essential and vital. It means loving the water, becoming one with it, hearing the sound made by our bodies immersed in the water and being caressed by it.

WHEN? – Many are those who find themselves in the pool at dawn ready for the morning swim which is needed for charging their batteries and starting the day just right. Many more, after a long and busy day, just want to dive in to release the tension; and there are even those who are swimming during the lunch break. The objective does not change: relaxing, practicing a sport, improving physically, feeling good and freeing the mind.

RECREATIONAL SWIMMER – Each pool has its own recreational swimmers, regulars and methodical, timeless enthusiasts, with rituals and gestures which are followed for years. Some people come to the pool with an entire swimmer’s kit: fins, pullbuoy, goggles. They cover kilometers with the aim of improving their technique, they ask for advice on exercises to do, the number of laps, and remain in the legendary blue strip for hours. Others love a peaceful and relaxing swim in order to feel good, feel energized and enjoy the water and its benefits. This is an hour or more dedicated to yourself, when you switch off from the daily routine and immerse yourself in a world in which you are the only protagonist. If you do not like to be alone, no problem, you can bring a companion with whom to work out or you may sign up for group lessons!

In any case don’t worry: as a rule the lanes are divided based on slow/fast pace so you can choose the one that best suits you.

SWIMMING is GREAT because it is VARRIED – Many are asking us if it is monotone to go back and forth following a straight line drawn on the bottom of the pool. Even if there are only 4 styles, you can do various exercises to improve technique and sensitivity, such as exercises for upper and lower limbs, mixed-style swimming, or changes of rhythm and speed. Thus, you can find new stimuli and make sure the workout is never repetitive. In addition, muscles involvement and use of energy vary considerably in different styles: you can start with front crawl, to increase the rhythm through backstroke and arrive to butterfly by passing through breaststroke. So, the advice is definitely to vary: with imagination and ingenuity you can create a fun and dynamic workout.

Tell us, what’s your style?


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Written by:

Carmela Convertini

Carmela Convertini was born in Grottaglie in the province of Taranto on 18th July 1980. After studying the classics, she moved to Rome where she took a first-level degree in Communication, Marketing and Advertising. She then took a course on the press and communication at Arena Holding and a second-level degree in Communication and Management for Sports Companies. She went on to work for the Regional Agency for Sport in the Lazio region and the Badminton Federation’s press and communication office. She next took a master’s degree in Sports Management and Economics at ‘Il Sole 24Ore’ and, at the same time, gained certificates for teaching swimming and aqua fitness. She now teaches swimming and aqua fitness at various different swimming pools in Rome.