What to take with you to the SPA, arena’s tips for relaxing

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If you are planning on spending a day at the SPA remember to take all the clothes and accessories that will make you feel comfortable. The keywords should be comfort and relaxation!

Relaxing with arena: what to take to the SPA.

Sometimes we deserve a break from our hectic everyday lives to enjoy a few hours’ rest.

Relaxing means, above all, feeling at ease with yourself, so a day at the SPA can certainly help relieve the stress and relax your mind and body! When spending time relaxing in a wellness centre, you should take along all those vital necessities: swimsuit, towels, flipflops and personal hygiene products.

Here are a few tips about what to take to the SPA, so you can really enjoy a day of relaxation and well-being.

A day at the SPA: the right bag

Needless to say, the first accessory you will need to take with you to the SPA is a bag. You could pick either arena’s handy and spacious Fastpack 3.0 or a more elegant and comfortable bag like arena’s Fast Shoulder Bag. The latter has two spacious transparent compartments and soft and comfortable handles, so you can wear it comfortably over your shoulder. The large side pocket is perfect for holding a water bottle, while a small inside zip pocket can be used for holding your personal items.

If the facility does not provide you with one, remember to take along a padlock for your locker.

Swimsuit and flip-flops for the SPA

When choosing a swimsuit, try and find a garment that flatters your body shape and, above all, helps you feel at ease, so you can leave all your worries behind and focus exclusively on revitalising your mind and body.

For women, the swimsuits from the Bodylift range are perfect:

they are fitted with an internal bra;

they are specially constructed to support your stomach and focus on your curves without feeling tight;

They are available in lots of different colours to match your personality!

Lots of Spas provide flipflops to be used inside the facility, but if you want to bring your own you can pick a pair of light and comfortable flipflops that fit properly and do not slip on wet floors. And do not forget to bring along another small holder for storing them inside your bag at the end of the day.

Keyword: comfort

To make sure you feel nice and comfortable between treatments or at the end of your day at the SPA, pick a soft and cosy bathrobe:

– if you feel the cold, you can choose a bathrobe made of heavy cotton that will keep you warm when you come out of the water, like for example arena’s Core Soft Robe made of 100% cotton, weighting 280 g and featuring super elegant design;

– all those who, on the other hand, prefer their bathrobe to be light and manageable can choose one made of microfibre.

If you have long hair, do not forget to take a soft towel with you to dry your hair so it does not hang down damply on your shoulders. If it is handiness you are interested in, try the arena turban: you can wrap your hair in cotton in a flash and move around freely without worrying about your hair coming loose.

Lastly, to make your day complete, do not forget your favourite shower products and a good hydrating cream to nourish your skin after a long day of beauty treatments.


The best way to counteract the heat of saunas and humidity of a SPA is to keep hydrated at all times. Always take a water bottle with you and keep it filled with fresh water. And do not forget to drink after all your treatments!


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