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Running clothes: a beginner’s guide

Running clothes must be comfortable and allow you to move freely.

Summer or winter, running outdoors is an excellent exercise that allows you to enjoy nature and fresh air. Running helps keep you in shape and also has plenty of mental benefits. It is a great outlet for stress and gives you a break from your daily routine.

Running clothes

Just like any other kind of physical exercise, you need the right clothes to go running. arena products are made from MaxDry fabric that uses CF-HEAT (for winter gear) and CF-COOL (for summer clothes) technology. This technology helps bring sweat to the surface of your skin, so it can evaporate quickly allowing you to maintain an ideal body temperature and not feel cold.

Since your entire body moves when you run, it is very important to choose running clothes that allow maximum freedom of movement and do not cause irritating chaffing. Clothes from arena’s ONE line are made from one single piece of fabric. This means they have just one heat-sealed seam at the back and no side stitching to prevent unnecessary rubbing against the skin. These fabrics are also comfortable, allow freedom of movement, and let your skin breathe freely.

Tips for running safely

But you do not just need the right clothes when you start running, you also need to remember to keep hydrated, even when you are not thirsty, to prevent cramping. You also need to warm up properly and do some dynamic stretching to get your body ready and reduce the chance of any unnecessary aches and pains.

To run safely you should also:

  • keep an eye out for cars and traffic if you run in the streets, watch out for bicycles if you are running on a cycle-pedestrian path and be careful about pedestrians;
  • use light or wear reflective fabrics. The arena running range comes with reflective bands and patterns to keep you safe when running early in the morning or when it goes dark in the evening;
  • be very careful when running on uneven or stony ground and make sure you wear running shoes with the right grip.

Finally, opt for areas or paths thar are not too busy and make sure you keep a distance of at least 2 m from other runners, as specified in the laws currently in force during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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