Waterproof Makeup: Fact or Fiction?

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Written by: Arena at 27 May '17 0
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Some waterproof makeup products are really only resistant to sweat, tears and the occasional splash, but others actually work for swimming.

Have you ever worn makeup swimming and ended up a streaky, panda-eyed mess? Clearly, not all supposedly waterproof products are created equal, but is there makeup that works?

Some people wonder why you would ever want to swim with makeup on. Why not just wash it off before you get in the water and reapply afterward? Well, some women don’t want to take the time, especially if they’re just going for a quick workout during lunch and need to be presentable immediately afterward. And some women simply feel better and more ready to face the world in makeup, even at the pool.

So is it possible to swim in makeup and not come out looking ridiculous? Yes, but you’ll probably have to do some experimenting. Everyone’s face is different and will react to different products in different ways.

Waterproof mascara is the most ‘mainstream’ waterproof product on the market, though often it’s designed to withstand mere tears rather than a full swim workout. And some waterproof products flake off or dry out your lashes, or make your lashes feel stiff and breakable. Ask 10 swimmers for their favourite waterproof mascara and you’ll likely get 10 different answers (though some products, like the Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara, Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, and Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, do make frequent repeat showings in ‘best of’ lists).

Going beyond mascara, you could do worse than look to synchronized swimming for help. Have you ever wondered how synchronized swimmers’ makeup (and hair!) stands up to the stress of their gruelling routines? In synchronized swimming competitions, the swimmers wear heavy makeup so that the judges can see their expressions from far away; otherwise the ‘artistic impression’ component of their score would suffer. Synchronized swimmers are sometimes compared to burlesque performers, and it’s true that it can be harder to create a natural look than a bold look, but you can still use some of the same products, just less excessively.

One waterproof makeup collection that receives consistently high marks is the Aqua range by Make Up For Ever, originally created for the French synchronized swimming team. Aqua features a wide variety of waterproof products, and while some are in bright colours and obviously more like stage makeup, there are ‘normal’ options as well. What’s more, Aqua Seal will make any type of eye makeup or pencil waterproof.

Some manufacturers market makeup as waterproof when it is really only water-resistant or smudge-proof, so look for products that have been specifically tested for swimming. Find the makeup that works best for you and you’ll be ready to stun in your podium photos!


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