4 tips about overcoming failure

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Written by: Arturo Mugnai at 8 February '19 0
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All dreamers make mistakes. Overcoming failure helps make your dreams come true.

Every sportsperson has a dream. In “technical jargon”, this dream is called a goal. The bigger the dream, the more dedication it takes to achieve it. The more dedication required, the greater the chance of things going wrong.

Emotionally stronger people tend to make fewer mistakes; more emotional people, on the other hand, tend to make more mistakes. So, all dreamers make mistakes. What makes them stand out is their ability to learn from these mistakes, realising that mistakes are part of the growth process.

In this article we will be giving you for tips about overcoming failure and turning it into positive energy for achieving your goal, your dream.

1. Learn how to lose and learn your lesson

There is always something to learn from defeat. You can learn a lot from a defeat. For example, that you need to work harder to achieve your goal, that the steps to take before realising your dream are harder than you expected and that the goal you have set yourself might be beyond your capabilities.

Accepting defeat is an important step in the growth process. Analysing a defeat will help you understand both the technical and tactical mistakes you made and you will learn how to focus on everything that lies within your control. This will enhance your self-awareness.

2. No excuses

It is frustrating when things do not go the way they were supposed to, but do not make excuses after a defeat. Learn to analyse what went wrong in a race and in your prerace preparation. Remember that talent alone is not enough to achieve great results. Ask yourself whether you have done everything within your power to achieve your goal? What more could I do to fulfil my aspirations? Am I willing to make the sacrifices required? Answering the right questions will show you how to achieve your goal.

3. Make sacrifices

Not everything has the same importance. Our brain works in terms of priorities. If your goal is less important than other alleged priorities (friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, going out in the evening, etc.), then you will never achieve it. Ask yourself whether this is really what you want to be doing. If the answer is no, then do not bother. Not everybody can achieve their dreams. Only those who really want them. If, on the other hand, the answer is yes, then learn to make sacrifices and do your very best to make your dream come true.

4. Celebrate your victories

If failure is part of the growth process, then just imagine what winning means. Learn to give the right importance to your results. This is often overlooked, but even the slightest improvement is a step towards achieving your goal. So, as well as celebrating achieving your final goal, learn to focus on and enjoy even the tiniest successes and improvements along the way. This will increase your self-efficacy.

Nothing is easy, but the successes you will remember with the greatest pleasure will be the result of making sacrifices and being mindful of what you were doing.


Written by:

Arturo Mugnai

Arturo Mugnai was born in Tuscany in 1990. After competing as a backstroke swimmer, he enrolled to study psychology while continuing to write and be passionate about swimming. After completing his first degree and then his master’s, he became a sports psychologist. He firmly believes that the psychological side is vital for all sportsmen and women, even those competing in water sports. In other words, you never forget your first love.