Author: Arturo Mugnai

Fitness & Wellness

Why am I not improving?

People who have just started swimming often expect to improve more quickly than is really feasible. This inevitably leads to frustration, particularly when you cannot swim the number of laps …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 3 May '19 0
A Swimmer's life

4 tips about overcoming failure

All dreamers make mistakes. Overcoming failure helps make your dreams come true. Every sportsperson has a dream. In “technical jargon”, this dream is called a goal. The bigger the dream, …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 8 February '19 0
Fitness & Wellness

Children and their fear of water: how to prevent it and overcome it

Water can be scary, especially for the youngest ones who are approaching this fascinating element for the first time. It’s not uncommon though, that even adults feel a certain resistance …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 29 May '18 0
Training & Technique

Is there any point in listening to music before you dive into the pool?

We have often seen Chad Le Clos, Katinka Hosszú and lots of the world’s best swimmers listening to music before they climb onto the starting blocks. So how can music …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 20 February '18 0