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The remains of the first swimming pool in history, or at least the first of which there is any record, are located in modern-day Pakistan. The Great Baths in the ancient Indus Valley city of Mohenjo-daro has a pool measuring 12 m x 7 m that dates back to the third millennium BC. But we had to wait until 1837 for what was effectively the first modern-style swimming pool to be built in London in 1837. Swimming pools soon became all the rage, even in wonderful seaside resorts. Pools for swimming and training in, for just “floating about” and enjoying the view or simply for relaxing or cooling down in hot or humid weather.

Are you ready to take a trip around the world in five “splashes”?

AMERICA – Should any of you decide you want to feel important and take a dive into a record-breaking swimming pool, then you can do so in the biggest pool in the world in Chile, which is over 1 km long and covers an area of 8 hectares. The swimming pool runs around San Alfonso del Mar Residence in Algarrobo and is only separated from the ocean by a very narrow strip of beach. You can even sail a boat around the pool and the residence itself, which is reminiscent of the sails of a yacht, actually overlooks the pool, which is 35 metres deep in certain parts. A real test of your stamina!

AFRICA – Fort Arabesque, which is divided into a Resort & Spa and Villas, offers you the chance to stay in a resort overlooking magnificent Makadi Bay that has a seemingly endless array of swimming pools at your disposal. We are right in the heart of Egypt in the seaside resort of Hurghada along the banks of the Red Sea. Here there is an Olympic-size swimming pool, a pool set around a giant island in the middle of the village, and then lots of smaller private pools for people staying in the Villas. Children have their own pool and there are also some heated pools for use in winter. People staying in the Villas even have their own pool on the other side of their own private garden. Dreams really can come true!

Makadi Beach Hotel Pool Area by tacker, on Flickr
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ASIA  – You feel as if you are floating in space. A daredevil dive from a height of approximately 200 m into an infinity pool. A unique feeling that you can only experience in very few places around the world. One of these is Singapore, more specifically at Marina Bay Sands Casino Resort. This is the highest swimming pool in the world measuring 150 metres in length and overlooking skyscrapers, the bay and city skyline. The casino has a suspended platform above the three towers shaped like a ship called the Sky Park observation deck, complete with hanging gardens, hot tubs, restaurants, bars and this fabulous swimming pool. Truly breathtaking!

EUROPE – For people who love scuba diving, the deepest swimming pool in the world containing spa water is located in Abano-Montegrotto, Italy. After opening in June 2014 it has set the benchmark for anybody interested in underwater activities. It covers an area of 21xx18 m, has a maximum depth of 40 m and various intermediate levels and caves for technical activities. The new Y-40 swimming pool is located inside the park belonging to Hotel Terme Millepini. Deep blue!

OCEANIA – Anybody who loves swimming and happens to be in Sydney, Australia, must visit thee aquatic centre named after the great swimming champion Ian Thorpe. What a fantastic array of swimming pools! An indoor pool with ordinary water (50 m long), a heated salt-water pool, a training pool, saunas, spas and relaxation areas, making it a facility that is loved by sports people in general and great Australian swimmers in particular. The striking thing here is not just the number of pools and all the facilities available, the “Torpedo” also catches the eye for its beautiful curved shape, a truly jaw-dropping facility, so be careful not to accidentally swallow the water.

Harry Seidler, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre by roryrory, on Flickr
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