It is just a matter of… LEGS!

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Written by: arena coaches at 18 May '18 0
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Today we will be looking at how to use your legs and we will also be suggesting some specific training exercises.

For adult men in particular, legs can often become little more than “dead weights”!

Bulky masses of muscle, which, if used strongly, “drain” an athlete’s energy reserves leaving them completely powerless.

There is no special “medicine” that can suddenly teach us how to use our legs properly, but with the help of some useful exercises, both on dry land and in the water, our training sessions in the pool will get easier.

Let’s begin with workouts “on dry land”:

  • 20s seconds running on the spot
  • again running on the spot, alternate 5 seconds of ordinary running with 5 seconds running with bent legs
  • 10 squats
  • 10 lunges alternating legs
  • 10 toe stands (if possible on a step so that you stretch your calves when you drop your heels)

Let’s now move on to exercises in the water:

  • Backstroke legs alternated with breaststroke legs
  • with a board on your chest in a semi-upright position, bicycle legs
  • freestyle legs
  • with a board on your chest in a sitting position, backstroke legs
  • again in a sitting position, breaststroke legs

So, in a word… legsssssssssss.


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