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What are the distinctive traits of a sprinter? What is the best way to train?

It would seem to be easy enough to train a sprinter up to a reasonable performance level, but, in actual fact, that is not the case.

This kind of athlete has a complicated profile and it is hard to “perform well” over short distances, because details make all the difference.

Is there a specific body type for a sprinter?

Physique is an important factor in helping competitive swimmers choose their ideal distance, but at amateur level it does not matter.

Do you prefer short distances, do you like training plans full of “sprint work” and do you get bored swimming over 100 metres without stopping? Then perhaps you are a sprinter, but do not think this means your training sessions will be a walk in the park.

As with all swim strokes, technique is vital whatever characteristics you want to develop, either speed or aerobic capacity. But as we have already mentioned, every single detail can make the difference and even more so when the race is short.

Hypoxia is another important factor or, in other words, performing speed work when the body is deprived of any or sufficient oxygen.

Working with a snorkel to begin with and then without breathing is extremely effective and really helps you control and improve your swim stroke and position in the water.

This kind of training involves swimming short distances at maximum stroke rate and speed.

Speed training requires just the right kind of very careful – almost agonising – precision.

It is vitally important to warm up meticulously on dry land, using elastic bands and stretching properly, before entering the water and then training with equal attention to detail.

Are you ready to get your white fibres twitching? On your marks…..go!


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