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Need a few tips on how to train for swimming when you can’t get to the pool?

Posture influences strength, injury risk, and performance. Make the most out of your time away from the pool and work on your posture. 

Try these 3 posture exercises for swimmers proposed by British swimmer Hannah Miley

“I love playing around with body movements and using bits of equipment to help add assistance or resistance. As a swimmer, my body movement can feel different on land compared to the pool. Finding ways to challenge my body and support my posture has been a huge passion for me. 

Whilst technically it’s not I can still work on improving technique, it’s about listening to my body and working with how it feels on that day. Here are some of the posture exercises for swimmers from today.”

1. Standing spine twist

Keep a soft knee bend don’t lock out! Breath out on rotation, focus on sliding the arm along the ball to get the rotation not the top arm. 

I would recommend 2 rounds of 6-8reps each side.


2. Feet up curl up

Think drawing ribs to hips, holding the foam roller as still as possible will lengthen the hamstrings and challenge hip flexors and hip stabilisers. 

3×8-10 reps (watch out for tension in neck and shoulder, if felt reduce reps)


3. Leg pull prone balance

Keep neck long and lengthen the leg away watch for lumbar activation. Shoulder blades drawn back and down. Just balancing on the ball is a challenge adding the leg lift increases that challenge!   

Up to 2x 5 reps on each leg. You may have one side that will balance better than the other. It’s all about taking your time and getting the range of movement with good control 😊


Hannah Miley is a Scottish swimmer, specialising in the 400 individual medley. Double Commonwealth champion, European & World Medalist and triple Olympic swimmer.

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