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Dryland training

5 exercises to improve posture and decrease the risk of shoulder injury

A high percentage of swimmers have experienced shoulder pain during their career. In fact, 47% of collegiate swimmers claim to have experienced shoulder pain persisting for 3 weeks or more. …

Written by: Marco Cosso 23 June '21 0
Dryland training

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

We all know how important it is for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers to incorporate weight training in the gym alongside their workouts in the pool. What you do outside …

Written by: arena coaches 28 May '21 0
Dryland training

Exercises to improve ankle dorsiflexion range of motion

How much ankle dorsiflexion range of motion does a swimmer need?  If we analyze a swimmer’s performance, whether a sprinter or a distance athlete there are two phases which require a certain …

Written by: Marco Cosso 7 May '21 0
Dryland training

How to use kettlebells for training out of the water

This little piece of equipment from Russia can help you make great gains. Here’s how to use kettlebells for your training out of the water.  A kettlebell is a small piece of gym equipment (conventionally made of iron) that is …

Written by: arena coaches 28 April '21 0
3 posture exercises for swimmers by Hannah Miley
Dryland training

3 posture exercises for swimmers by Hannah Miley

Need a few tips on how to train for swimming when you can’t get to the pool? Posture influences strength, injury risk, and performance. Make the most out of your time away from the pool and work on …

Written by: Arena 16 April '21 0
Dryland training

3 dryland exercises swimmers should avoid

This article will illustrate some dryland exercises that might be recommended but should actually be avoided at all costs by swimmers. In contrast, try the exercises we recommend which are specifically for swimming. One of the great truths of …

Written by: arena coaches 9 April '21 0
Dryland training

How to improve your breathing technique

In our training tips for underwater swimming, we saw how important it was to perform quick technical movements with a reduced oxygen supply or no oxygen at all, i.e. in …

Written by: Arena 26 March '21 0
pre-swim mobility
Dryland training

3 pre-swim mobility exercises by Australian Swimming Champion Cate Campbell

Australian swimming champion Cate Campbell shares with us her favourite pre-swim mobility exercises. The following drills focus on thoracic mobility – which is the most important thing she focuses on …

Written by: Arena 12 March '21 0