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Written by: Emily at 22 November '12 0
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Thursday 22nd November marked the start of the four day, European (SC) Swimming Championships in Chartres.

The French town, famous for its breathtaking Gothic Cathedral and ancient half-timbered houses, was as perfect a location, as the newly developed ‘l’Odyssée Aquatic Centre’ was a venue…

Laszlo Cseh proved actions speak louder than words, as he swam his way to victory on more than one occasion…. With his new European 200m Individual Medley Crown, and more gold around his neck than Henry V111, we say ‘long live the king’…

Whilst on the subject of royalty, we would like to salute you Lotte Friis! Not only did Denmark’s leading lady earn the new European (SC) 800m Freestyle title, but she totally rocked in her eye-catching swimsuit and matching fingernails…

Miss European (SC) 400m Individual Medley Champion, Hannah Miley is much smaller than some of her swimming rivals, but when asked whether this intimidates her whilst on the blocks, she simply quotes ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’

A big thank you to all the swimmers who kept us entertained over the four days, especially Frenchman Jeremy Stravius who was among the most successful athletes of the competition… May you all continue to break waves, records and the occasional heart or two………… 🙂


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