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We are proud and excited to announce that arena will be supporting USA Swimming for the next eight years!

Our team is passionate and motivated, and has always strived to develop the best racing & training swimsuits and equipment there is on the market. Supporting the biggest Swimming Federation in the world, alongside many others, inspires us to work even harder, and to keep on investing in the development of leading technology, and in making it accessible to athletes of all ages and abilities.

Arena CEO, Cristiano Portas spoke on the new partnership.  “We are immensely proud to partner with USA Swimming, because we share their vision, passion, and determination.”

Chosen more and more frequently by athletes, our Carbon-Pro swimsuit, made a huge impression this year in London, not only for its innovative technology, but also for its show-stopping style and daring use of colour. There was no mistaking Arena in the pool!

We will be collaborating with USA Swimming on many different levels, as we want to help the federation to promote swimming as a sport in the USA.

U.S.A Vice President and General Manager of Arena North America, Tim McCool, had this to say:

“It was clear from our first meeting with USA Swimming that we shared the same values and devotion to making sure the sport of swimming continues to grow for generations to come.”

 USA Swimming Chief Marketing Officer Matt Farrell went on to say, “Arena shares our vision of growing participation in the sport at the grassroots level and recognizing the top athletes in the country.”

Arena is involved at numerous levels, including individual athlete sponsorships, namely Rebecca Soni, Aaron Peirsol, Eric Shanteau, and Conor Dwyer..

“The fact that USA Swimming and Arena are joining forces creates an extremely powerful combination. I’ve been a member of the U.S.A National Team, as well as a member of the Arena family, for several years and have a tremendous amount of respect for what both organizations stand for,” said six-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni. “This partnership will absolutely benefit the swimming community, both here in the U.S.A and on a global level.”

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